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[XP] Heretic's Disable Battle Commands
« on: June 05, 2014, 02:19:03 AM »
Heretic's Disable Battle Commands
Authors: Heretic
Version: 1.0
Type: Battle Add-on
Key Term: Battle Add-on


This script allows you to Disable or Enable the commands for "Attack", "Skill", "Defend", or "Item", and whatever other custom Commands may be a part of your Battle System.

It is very useful for creating Tutorials for players where you need to force a Player to choose a specific action.  To do this, you just disable the commands you do not want the Player to choose.


  • Easy Script Calls to Enable or Disable any Commands
  • Should be compatible with other Languages
  • Commands are based on the Text of the Command itself for high compatability.


No Screenshots.  Basically it just makes commands that you choose to disable come up in "disabled_color" and plays your systems "Buzzer-SE" to let a Player know that they are not able to select that specific command.


No demo yet.  I'll throw it in as part of the "Collection" and edit this to link to it or another demo once a demo is created.


Put above Main, but below your Battle System and Menu Systems.

(click to show/hide)


This script is pretty easy to use.  Each Disable script call has an Enable script counterpart.

disable_command(actor_id, "Attack")  # Disables "Attack" for that Actor
disable_cancel(actor_id)                   # Disables "Cancelling" or Previous Actor
disable_command_party("Attack")      # Disables "Attack" for entire Party
disable_command_all("Attack")          # Disables "Attack" for all Actors in game

To use the Enable Counterpart, just change disable_ to enable_.

enable_command(actor_id, "Item")


This script only aliases a few existing default methods, but adds several new methods for functionality.

It wont be compatible with BlizzABS because that Battle System takes place in the Map, not in a Battle Scene.  It may not be compatible with some Menu or Battle Systems, but fixing this should not be too difficult.  In the default Battle System, there is a line that says @actor_command_window =".  This will tell you what class this script needs.  What will normally happen with an incompatible Battle or Menu System is that @actor_command_window may be a different class.  Change the name of the class in this script if the class name is not Window_Selectable.  If @actor_command_window is called something else, change those references accordingly in this script.

Battle Systems also need to handle inputs from Players for the "Attack", "Skill" window.  The default method is called "update_phase3".  If your Battle System is using another name for handling inputs from the Player for checking if "attack" or "skill" is selected, just change the name of this method to alias and reference that method instead.

I doubt it will be 100% compatible, but fixing these issues should not be too difficult.

Credits and Thanks

  • Chaos Project for hosting the site to post this script

Author's Notes

Compatability is one of my primary concerns with this script.  Despite it looking like a lot to change, there really isnt that much as there are only about 3 things that can go critically wrong, but they are fairly easy to fix.

If you have compatability issues with a certain Menu System or Battle System, please create a new thread for those issues.

For enhancement requests to this script, please post in this thread.
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