[VXA]Wake: Blooming Lotus Dance (Full Game)

Started by Neoend, June 30, 2014, 09:45:43 pm

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Have fun guys! I think I'll keep working on it because a lot of things got changed at the last minute. I hope there aren't any huge glitches Xp
Also Note: Things got crazy at the last moment so there may be bugs that should never have seen the light of day waiting to jump out at you.
Also, it's a hefty one. I will be refining it over time.

A man known as The Walker arrives at a town of silhouettes with one goal: to find and bring back seven lost Stars. The Walker knows only a few key facts:

   The Stars will not follow him initially.
   Other forces are working against him.
   He's going to have a confrontation on his way out.
   There are seven dungeons.
   The town is falling apart.

As The Walker, it's a race against time! Will you be able rescue all the Stars?
Or a better question, will the Town and its denizens allow you?

Gameplay mechanics

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You are in a mysterious setting with equally mysterious rules, let's look at a few:

No levels
The Walker will eternally be level one, or level 22, or level 99. I really haven't decided but it doesn't matter. You will not be gaining any
levels. Stats will be influenced however by what you equip and what states you have inflicted. Normal enemies will also maintain their stats constant. The only thing that will change is that they will use more elaborate strategies.

HP isn't the only guage to worry about
In this town, people don't want your money, they want your MP (Dubbed LP in this game). They will sell you items and information
in exchange for a certain amount of MP. When you reach zero, you don't get over, but you cause a 'Turn Shift'. Turn shifts increase the destruction of the town and the strategic prowress of the enemies. The turn shifts will also restore your MP back to maximum.
The challenge here is to maintain your MP and to avoid potentially losing valuable assets and maybe even story scenes.
To conteract the MP shortage, there will be small events scattered that can restore up to 30 MP. There will also be skills that void your
MP cost or replenish it depending on the enemy you defeated.

Battles can be won by escaping
This might be the most risky and volatile aspect of the game. Enemies will have special statuses that can be countered by the Walker's unique set of skills. The statuses determine sequence of events or if something important can be taken. Many times, fighting until you get what you need might be the best strategy. Since they're status effects, just waiting and guarding could be a viable strategy! The Walker can also 'evict' enemies, which could be a viable strategy if you want to pick up what the enemy was guarding without wasting valuable MP. Apologies if this wasn't well explained, but I'm trying not to give too much away.

You Choose the way you Play
Players will have freedom with how they tackle the battles and boss battles. They'll also have freedom with which dungeons they explore during one playthrough. You can even finish the game having not viewed a majority of the story segments! Good for a speed run.

Tons of other cool little secrets!
I'm planning to have alot of references and different gameplay segments. Hope you can find them all.

What's under the hood:
The game is being made with the RMVXAce engine. I'm also primarily using Yanfly's scripts. So you can expect a lot of craziness.

Screenshots of Stuff:

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With this game I want to convey certain emotions to the player and get them caught up in what unfolding in this mysterious town. I hope I'll be able to deliver these experiences clearly. I also want this to be a celebration of the things I have learned over time. I hope that this message
will reach the Player

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I'm not big on VX resources, but I'll give this one a try nonetheless! The gameplay mechanics sound really interesting! I think modern RPGs take a lot of outdated cliches and use them as rules that must not be altered. I like the simplifying of the numbers and relying more on player choice and story based upgrades. So I'm digging what this sounds like o.o

I'm dead tired, but I'm going to download this in the morning.


I can identify with you on those sentiments. I really enjoy having battle mechanics that give the player unique and viable options to tackle a problem.
In terms of simplifying the numbers, I think you might like the way States are used here. The real question here though is how well I was able to implement the system. It was very experimental to say the least.

And yeah, I'm not super big on the Vxace resources either, but I really ended up enjoying the battle related scripts that are available for Ace.
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Aye. I'm curious to see how well you implement them :D I know I didn't have time to do a massive amount of simplification on my system. So my game has more of a neutered stat system than a simple one XD

And I understand completely :P Gameplay does trump visuals, so you take what you can for what will give you the options you need :P

Can't wait to try this! But I am dead tired, so no chance I'll play it tonight XD


Looking at it, I'm noticing it was not player friendly at all... Yep this is going to be one of the things I fix. If you find yourself struggling, let me know, and I'll give you some tips on starting strategies.

I did try to do something interesting with the story scenes but I'm not sure if people will get haha.
Hey! if you like webcomics and other fun distractions check out my site: