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Started by MarkHest, August 06, 2014, 03:51:31 am

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August 06, 2014, 03:51:31 am Last Edit: August 06, 2014, 03:53:39 am by MarkHest
Huy guys. I haven't been very active on the forum for a while and I've barely worked anything on The Missing Part either(only occasionly). I've had a lot of life changes recently and there's even more to come. It might be hard to believe coming from me but I've struggled a lot with depression and at one point even started contemplating if suicide was a way to end the struggle, but I pulled through and I am seeing only light on the road ahead of me. Many good things to come!

I will start going to a programming school at the 18'th this month and I'm going to study basic programming for half a year or maybe even a year or more. I will probably be more active here from the start of the course as my fire for game development is most likely going to be fed and hyped :haha:
I will most likely start learning Ruby together with my studies as well so I might need a lot of help from a lot of you who know programming already, hope you're ready for many questions!

Hopefully I can also start working on The Missing Part again once the fire starts burning and I can finish the game. I decided to leave a lot of stuff out that would delay it further but there will be a few extra things like dungeons, secrets and bosses. I've finished over 90 songs for the game and tries to give it much life by animating the sprites and stuff. It's been a lot of work and I hate that I haven't been able to work on it more, but too much and it just starts to eats away on ya :p I already have plans for a game that I will work on after The Missing Part but it's a secret until I have developed the game to a point I'm comfortable with.
All I can say is that it's going to use Blizz-ABS and the main selling point is going to be: Music, Epic Boss Battles and Character Development(something The Missing Part is actually lacking). Big plans coming ahead.

It's going to be nice to start working with games again. I hope I will be more active on this forum because I love all of you! :) The community is great.

@Blizzard: I'd like to skype with you again and hang out. I wanna ask you a little bit about the life of a programmer. How it's like to work and live as one.

I just wanted to write this at this time. It felt right. See you all soon!


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I love you, Mark. Always will, bb. <3


Sure, man. You know that I'm always online while at work between 7:30 and 15:30.
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