Is my iPad a fake/bootleg?

Started by legacyblade, September 13, 2014, 03:03:49 pm

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Hey everyone. I just bought myself an iPad off ebay. The next day, I found out that there are tablets that run windows 8, and I picked up a new Venue 11 Pro for about $350. So since I don't need the iPad anymore, and the seller doesn't accept returns, I decided to just put it back up for auction. Then I noticed something when I was taking pictures for the listing:

There bit of text specifying that it's an iPad, it's storage amount, and it's serial number is nowhere to be found. Does that mean this isn't a legitimate apple iPad? If it isn't legitimate, would anyone be able to provide me with a source to cite? I'd rather be able to open a claim and get a refund than resell the thing, so it would be a great act of providence if I can prove this is a fake :P If it's not a fake though, would anyone have something I could cite in my auction so people buying from me know it's not a fake?


It depends. If it's a refurbished ipad, it's quite possible that the serial was rubbed off by the previous owner either on purpose or on accident. I'm not sure how easy it is to removed the engraved text though xD
If that's the case then simply stating that it's refurbished and saying the serial might have been rubbed off in the process should be enough of a citation when reselling. Tell the seller that you are going to open a claim about it and ask for an explanation. If they are an ebay shop owner or whatever they'll probably go out of their way for you NOT to open a claim. Might even be willing to do a full return process. Cases like that can ruin a shop so they'll typically do what it takes to make you happy haha

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Here's how you know: is it running a real version of iOS?

There is no such thing as an iDevice bootleg that actually runs iOS. No such thing at all.


It is indeed running iOS. It can play hearthstone.

Alas, that means I must sell it myself :P

@Zexion, this company is US based. So eBay gives them a lot more leeway with negative feedback. A lot of the feedback was them refusing to give refunds for defective items, so they're not too worried about strikes against them. But if they're based outside the US, MAN do they bend over backwards. Once I ordered a set of keyblade keychains from china. It took them a couple weeks to send it out, so to apologize they sent me two sets XD And I didn't even contact them about it.


Lol I ordered a roxas necklace from china too, and they sent me some chinese money :P


o.o well, at least it's something interesting to show off, lol.


I have an Asus Vivotab Note 8, which is nearly identical to the Venue 8 Pro but with a Wacom stylus, and I love it. I use it all the time. I think you'll really enjoy your Venue 11. :)


I'm enjoying it so far ^.^ All I use it for is visual novels and hearthstone though XD But a Wacom stylus would be a very welcome edition to this awesome little tablet!