[Request] RPG Maker XP All tile sets combined?

Started by fjshrr5, September 30, 2014, 06:54:36 am

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I've been trying to google it for some time now, And the only one i did find.. Was not very well made. Or transparent, was also missing water tiles and such..

Would any body happen to have All of the tile sets built into one map? I would really appreciate it, thank you.


Having all tilesets built into one is:

A) very limiting because as you said it, is "missing water tiles" Most water tiles are autotiles. And each tileset can only have 8 of them. You combine all 50 tilesets you're missing out on dirt paths, rock paths, carpet, waters, tree autotiles etc.. For that reason alone it shouldn't be worth it.

B) prone to cause lag. Having a texture that large, it will take the computer longer to load, process, and draw each map. Some people have lower end computers and will struggle to play your game without experiencing lag.

C) extremely inefficient for mapping. It's going to slow down your development progress because you have to scroll through a huge tileset to find certain parts that you want. It's a horrible idea.

Now I can understand wanting to merge a couple of tilesets, but not all 50 of them. But regardless, I'll go ahead and link you to the program I made that lets your merge tilesets. I'm pretty sure my program will crash if you try to merge all 50 of them.


I appreciate the post, I'll check your program out, The only reason i wanted to merge them all was because some maps tile sets, don't have the buildings that i want to create my towns, Though they have everything for the scenery, I tried to make a map with the house sets i wanted, Build them, Then i tried to copy and paste them onto the other map that had all the scenery i needed. It failed, The houses turned into different tiles and stuff. Is there any way to do it? I'm not good at parralex mapping, the whole thing confuses me as of now.