Stop script in a short times and something!

Started by Tgkkiller102, September 30, 2014, 11:31:05 am

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1.Hello everybody, i need some events or scripts that can change screen color into black and hide all scripts add-on like HP MP HUD, then show them again. 
2.And i also need some event that can: first, when you go into one map, you'll stop in a few second, then scroll the map and you'll see one oldman and the goblin, then the oldman call for help and then the goblin attack the oldman, you'll fastly run to help the oldman, then you'll battle with the goblin and when you defeat the goblin the oldman will send you reward.
That all i need! Thanks, i'm waiting for the helps!  8)  8)  8)
Ps: I'm a vietnamese so my english can be poor, i'm just 13 years old.


I-I--*sighs* I can't even with this post.

*leaves thread*

Your first question, you need to research your scripts. A lot of time, HUD scripts allow you to disable the HUD by using a script call. So that's not something we can help you with because we don't know which HUD you're using.

Everything you're asking for can be done with events and I think you should look over all the event commands before asking for help. You're basically asking someone to create your entire cutscene for you when I think you just don't know how to quite use the program yet.


My HUD script
This script is not in english so i can't understand something.
And my second ques, I will try again myself, thanks!  :shy:


You'll see this in your script.


That's the switch ID that is used to toggle the HUD. So for example, DISABLE_C_HUD_SWITCH is set to 5. So you would turn Switch 5 on to turn the hud off, and then turn the switch off to turn the hud back on.