[Request] Blizz-ABS Character sprite.

Started by fjshrr5, October 20, 2014, 04:53:33 am

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October 20, 2014, 04:53:33 am Last Edit: October 24, 2014, 10:29:23 am by fjshrr5
I've been working on a little project, And i need a main character made.
If you are interested feel free to pm me. I May be able to pay via pay pal, though i'm not so sure. I just had a baby not too long ago so, money has been tight. However, i can trade one of my game accounts seeing as i'm no longer interested in playing the games.
I have a World of warcraft account with a level 90 undead warlock, a 90 blood elf paladin, a 74 undead warrior, and a 58 undead rogue.
The account is pretty old. So i'm not sure what is all on the character, but i do know the warlock is in all prideful pvp gear. I do have the Codes off the game boxes to give aswell, And all information to the account so that you can change all the account information.

I also have a runescape account, i can give the skill levels and stuff in a PM.

What i'm looking for is.

A Main character set, Which includes Animation sets for.
Standing idle.
basic movement + running/jumping.
Attacking with a sword
Attacking with a bow.
Using skills.
And a mounted set (On a horse)

I would like the character to have a sword on his back, plus a cape.
An armor/clothing design sort of like the male in this picture (though not the hair style!)
(the male is on the left in case you can't tell.

If you feel up to it please PM Me, we can discuss anything, I appreciate it.


I'm also looking for a HUD Using Z-HUD. If you are interested in a world of warcraft account, and can make A HUD using Z-HUD
PM me.


Did someone say, runescape? Back off people, I gat dis >:3
Skype me : jcswind

If you don't skype, then email is fine.
Er..PM on the site


I've added you to skype. So, if at any point you need to reach me and fail to contact me via this forum, feel free to PM me on skype.