Adventuring into Maya 2015.

Started by R.A.V.S.O, November 03, 2014, 02:37:56 pm

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So yeah, big storm where I'm living atm, no power, no internet,

so during my time alone (family left to visit relatives I was in charge of guarding the house), turns out my sister had a Maya 2015 installer on a disc,
so having nothing better to do,  I decided to install it, read some tutorials she had downloaded before and basically go wild,

man was this a hard thing to learn, I mean so many bright candy-like buttons and a very short attention span doesn't make this easy but
after 5+ hours of tutorial reading I managed to make something at last :D

remember some images I uploaded some time (months) ago?

I decided to grab one of those images from my PC and play with it, here's the results:

D-Soldier arm emblem v1.2
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I'll probably re-do this + a low poly character model once I gain more experience with Maya.
Personality Test results
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