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[XP] RMX-OS Player Shops
« on: December 03, 2014, 07:04:53 AM »
RMX-OS Player Shops
Authors: Wizered67
Version: 0.89
Type: Player Shop System
Key Term: RMX-OS Plugin


A few weeks ago I worked on this script for Player Shops for Whitespirits. Unfortunately I don't currently have RMXP so I can't put the finishing touches on this script, but it should be complete enough to be functional and can be edited as necessary. This script allows players to create their own shops where they can place items, weapons, and armor for sale at a price of their choice for other players to buy. There is a configurable fee for creating a shop and players will only be able to access shops on the map they were created in. Players can also name their shops for extra fun. With this script even games without hundreds of players online at a time can have a thriving economy and community.


  • Lets players make shops to make money.
  • Gives players an alternate way to buy goods.
  • Adds new commands for making, editing, buying from, and listing shops.
  • Nearly completely plug and play.

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Place the script below RMX-OS and add the extension. Optionally configure a creation price in the client script. 3 .dat files will automatically be created in the server to keep track of shops and money owed to players. The names can be optionally configured.

Commands (Note: some cannot be used if shop is in use already):
  • /makeshop NAME - Creates a shop with the given name. Names are seen by other players and can give a description of the shop or just be for fun.
  • /editshop ID - Edits the shop with the given id as long as you are the owner. Shop id can be seen in the shop list and is shown when creating a shop.
  • /buy ID - Enters the shop with the given id on the current map and allows you to buy goods. The shop owner can use this to get back unsold goods for free.
  • /shops - Shows a list of all shops on the current map, including names, owners, and ids.


Requires RMX-OS 2.0. Probably not ideal for use with custom shop systems. Let me know if you find other compatibility issues.

Credits and Thanks

  • Me
  • Blizzard for making RMX-OS
  • Whitespirits for requesting and testing

Author's Notes

This is definitely my biggest script I've publically released. I hope you guys get some use out of it. As I mentioned above, I currently don't have RMXP so I won't be able to add many new features or fix bugs for now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know. Enjoy!
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