[XP] How to make an item distribution event for RMX-OS.

Started by MOAL, December 30, 2014, 04:15:42 am

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Probably the most simple tutorial. But, I figured if anyone using RMX-OS is clueless on how to make an item distribution event or just newbies to it in general.
This set-up allows the distribution event and item(s) to not be abused by players as long as it's not a consumable item or as long as it can't be moved anywhere else besides the inventory, and is distributed upon entering a certain area in-game or upon log-in.

Requires: RMX-OS, and Global Switches and Variables.

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Create a new event on the map of your choice. Preferably the starting map as we're going to set this event page to parallel process so it let's players get it right when logging in.

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Next, in the list of event commands, right click or press enter and click on Control Switches. Global Switches and Variables by default are switch/variable 1 and 2, so choose either of those or the one you have set to be global and have it set to be ON..

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Make a new page on the event and make sure it is parallel as well. Then make a conditional branch if [event item] is in inventory, right under [else] in that conditional branch, insert the command Change Items, and select your event item then click OK and place your event wherever you want on that map. Add as many change item commands as you want, but I recommend never putting just gold as part of what it gives out as you can't restrict its distribution unlike items. So if you absolutely want to give out gold, make sure an item is being given as well. Because if they have the event item in their inventory, it won't let them get the gold again neither. But that still can be abused if they want the gold instead of the item because it can be traded to other players.

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Finally, after you have the event done. Open your script editor and look in RMX-OS (Script) for the array at line 187 or Ctrl+F for NoTradeItems and add the id number of your item to that list of numbers. This will allow it not to be traded to other players so they can't just go make another account and get another.

This is also nice not just for distributing special items. Hope you liked the tutorial.
Edit: My bad, I forgot armors and weapons do not stay in your inventory so I removed that line.