[XP] Turn F12 into a Log Off Hotkey for RMX-OS

Started by MOAL, December 30, 2014, 04:37:31 am

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Yet another simple and easy tutorial, only this time on how to make F12 into a hotkey to log off the game quickly. Finally, a use for the least used key on your keyboard.

Requires: RMX-OS, F12 Stack Level Too Deep Fix.

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Take the F12 Stack Level Too Deep Fix script and place it below Scene_debug but above everything else. Then change line 8 in that script to
$scene = Scene_Servers.new

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If there has to be a step two for something that takes only a minute to do, I should write a 100 page book on how to make a sandwich.

Now nobody can request a script for this if they ever do. :haha: