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Started by stiven202, February 15, 2015, 11:03:33 am

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- Title: Good Bye Rebeca
- Genre: Mystery, Suspense
- Languages: English, Spanish
- Number of Players: 1
- Duration: 2 to 3 hours
- Four alternative endings (One secret)




This is an adventure of mystery and suspense that tells the story of Rebecca Bradley, she is 15, who awakens one night in the basement' home with a letter from her parents that says "Goodbye Rebeca".

Now she will must find her parents to know why they abandoned her. She knows she always has been a good girl but what she will discover at home and around will reveal her the great truth.

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- Game with open world (almost) after a certain time in which you can explore different scenarios and return to them at any time to discover mysteries, notes, objects and other things that help you know the whereabouts Rebeca's parents.

- Extras: This game has extra rooms that you can be unlocked with a collectible once you ends the story.

- Many tasks and objectives in the game may be completed in the order you want.

- Collectibles: There will be some stickers that you can collect along the whole adventure.

- Unlimited Inventory. Here the question is to use objects at the right time, no manage it.

- You will have a map to guide through "Desolate Ville" rural area where Rebeca lives.

- Save Points: You can save the game with a purple books.

-Health Bar: You must use "Medicinal Potions" to heal your wounds as there will be different traps and enemies to hurt you.

- Changing Scenarios: Beware, if already visited a scenario and you must return to it, you're not very confident, things can happen anytime and you  have to be prepared for anything.

- The duration of the game is estimated between 2 and 3 hours depending on the player.

- Difficulty: It will Two difficulties: Novice and veteran.

- You can play with two characters throughout the adventure: Rebeca and her friend Rodrigo.



Name: Rebecca (Protagonist)
Age: 15 years
Personality: Shy, intelligent, spontaneous, impulsive, solidarity, studious
Occupation: High School Student


Name: Rodrigo
Age: 16 years
Personality: Optimistic, brave, sarcastic, solidarity, incredulous, outgoing
Occupation: High School Student

The Rebeca's parents has no faces for a reason, that you will know when you finish the game.


Carlos: Rebeca's Dad
Age: Unknown
Profession: Work in a Warehouse Mining


Rita: Rebeca's Mom
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Housewife


Created by: Stiven202
Faces and Characters: Miza and Andrelo Gomez