KindergarTen 2

Started by edmondedi, March 15, 2015, 03:42:42 am

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"I don't know what happened there...
Since I was there I keep hearing strange voices
in my head.
The sounds are like some children's laugh,
and sometimes they keep saying:
"Help us"
I don't know what's going on, but I
must find it out before I get mad."

About the game:
Our character, the cleaner decides to visit the teacher's house, because after working at the kindergarten, she keeps hearing some voices whispering in her head.
She must be fast and clueless, because she doesn't want to meet the teacher, Mrs Mary Johnson. She begins to investigate Mrs Mary's house, but the things she finds there are very interesting...( or maybe the things are finding her).
This game answers some of the questions of the first game, but makes a lot of more questions and things for the player to figure out.

The game, like the first one was, is a survival-action horror game, but there are a few more options added, like checking vardrobes, using matches, etc.
As my testers said:

"Hah! It's way easyer with these matches."

"Whoa! This explains everything."

"You wanted to scare me to death?"

The same warning: Do not play this game, only if you are 12 years old or above! It contains disturbing sounds and jumpscares!

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