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Started by Vell, April 12, 2015, 01:00:09 pm

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"Hello dear reader," begins a voice, echoed into the aether throughout which you exist. You are unsure why you can hear this voice, but you believe it to be important. It speaks again, "You will soon forget about me. But while I am here, I  must ask you a few questions."

You feel a warmth, a sensation of happiness. The emotion behind a smile, freely offered. "First, I must know what you wish to be called. What is your name?" You answer, and you feel a change in the aether. A change in yourself.

Ah well, perhaps eternity alone was not meant to last. "Second, I must know; are you to be male or female?" Again, you answer, and again, you feel a change. A coming together.

"You are doing very well. Last, I must know; what do you do for a living?" You take a moment to consider this, and answer, truthfully.

And then, you feel a rush. The aether comes together. You bind to yourself. The aether, once your silent companion, is apart from you, and growing distant. That smile, once again.

"Very well. Thus I give you breath."

As the dream fades, you begin to awaken.

/o/ Okay, so, I'll be writing a story. But, here's the catch: People from the forum will respond to me, following the prompts and giving suggestions for where the main character ("you") will go, and what he or she will do. The rest is up to me. I'm hoping we can all enjoy this idea.



I like this idea

~gives her stomp of approval~
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I don't know if we are supposed to answer all questions at once, or one at a time, but here goes:

Arcadian Pike




You may answer as many as you wish! Which answers I take will be up to me.


Arcadian awoke when light shone on his face. As usual. Morning ritual, initiate. Lethargically gathering his energy for the morning - he was never one to wake up easy, and usually couldn't really get going until he'd had some coffee - he first sat up in bed, blanket still covering his legs. He yawned, covered his eyes with one hand, massaged his temples. Climbed out of bed. Step one, accomplished. A round of entirely disproportionate applause sounded in his mind. So far, so good. Finding his way through the brightened room with eyes half-closed, he entered the bathroom that attached to his bedroom.

He set the water to running on its hottest setting, grabbed a towel. Took up his toothbrush, applied some paste and half-heartedly scraped the tool against his teeth and tongue. Like a good little boy, some neurological representation of a dentist whispered to him. He spat into the sink, then rinsed it out, his hand quickly turning red from the heat. He doused the towel in the water then smacked it against his face. Massaged it lightly into his eyes, turned the faucet off, dried his face with a second towel and departed from the bathroom.

Step two, accomplished. More fanfare. Woohoo, he quipped at himself. What a boring way to start one's day. With mildly mounting energy, he put on his clothes for the day and set to depart from his room, remembering his college days.

Say, how -were- his college days? What sort of things did he focus on? Did he find someone? If so, is he or she still with him? If not, is anyone else with him?


Focus: Schoolwork, Specialty: Materials Science (what materials are strongest in what context, how to best use what's available to get the most stable building)

Did he find someone?: Yes and no, he found a girl, dater her for his last two years but the broke up soon after graduation. However his best friend is still in the city, and they like to catch up every few weeks.
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