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[XP] Heretic's Rotate, Zoom, and Pendulums
« on: April 30, 2015, 01:59:13 AM »
Heretic's Rotate, Zoom, and Pendulums XP
Authors: Heretic
Version: 1.0
Type: Custom Movement System
Key Term: Custom Movement System


This script will allow you to Rotate and Zoom Characters, as well as create Pendulums!  Rotation also allows for "Pointing At" Targets such as Events, Player, or even Map Coordinates.  Effects can be Transitioned.


  • Allows for Continual Rotation for Wheels and Machinery
  • Allows for One Time Rotation To Target Angle over Time
  • Allows for Pointing at a Character or a Map Location
  • Allows for "Camera" style Targetting of Moving Characters with Clamping
  • Allows for Maximum Distance to a Target
  • Allows for Physics Pendulums with rough Ideal Energy Pendulum Physics
  • Allows for Warm Weather like in the Gulf of New Mexico
  • Allows for Humor for those who actually read the Documentation Section
  • Allows for Zooming Sprite Sizes for both X and Y Independently
  • Allows for Animating Zooming of Characters over Time
  • Allows for Looping Maps and points correctly even at Edges of Maps
  • Compatible with Modular Passable or as a Standalone Script
  • Compatible with Looping Maps


(click to show/hide)



(click to show/hide)


Place below Modular Passable (Optional)
Place above Main

Characters can be given Rotations and Zooms with either Comments or Scripts.  See the Documentation for full list of features.


No known issues

Credits and Thanks

  • I'd like to thank Tilt-A-Whirl for making me Dizzy!

Author's Notes

All Effects are NON COLLIDING.  Thus, you can't bump into a Pendulum, even if it looks like you can.  These Effects are intended as Cosmetic ONLY.
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