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[XP] Heretic's Restrict Bush Passage
« on: April 30, 2015, 02:03:08 AM »
Restrict Bush Passage XP
Authors: Heretic
Version: 1.0
Type: Custom Movement System
Key Term: Custom Movement System


This script is similar in nature to Restrict Tile Passages, but is used for setting constraints by Bush Tags.  You can set a Character to ONLY or NEVER move on a Bush Tile.  It also contains a number of very important features to animating Heretic's Vehicles XP script.  It allows you to turn on Bush Effects, which are also useful for simulating Water, and animating the Bush Depth, even when there is no Bush Tile to stand on.


  • Constrian Character Movement by Bush Tiles
  • Fully control Bush Flags and Depth (useful for small animals, and Water)
  • Allows disabling Bush Effects
  • Has nothing to do with George Bush


(click to show/hide)


NOTE: The Demo contains a number of Modular Passable scripts.


Place below Modular Passable (Required)
Place below Collision Optimizer (Optional)
Place below Loop Maps (Optional)

(click to show/hide)


This script is fairly straight forward to use.  Just add a Comment to an Event:

\bush_only_move         - Event can ONLY move around on Bush Tiles
\bush_no_move           - Event will NOT move on Bush Tiles
\bush_off               - Prevents Bush Effects while on Bush Tiles
\bush_force             - Forces Bush Effects even if not on Bush Tile
\bush_anime             - Animates Bush Depth for simulating Water
\bush_anime_smooth      - Smooth End when Bush Anime changed to Off
\bush_same_rate         - Moving does not increase Bush Anime Speeds
\bush_anime_max[N]      - Animation Bush Depth Max from the Default Depth
\bush_anime_speed[N]    - Overrides Move Speed for Bush Animation
\bush_depth_override[N] - Uses specified N value for Bush Depth instead
                           of Default of 12.  Useful for small animals.

There is one Script Call: bush_depth_to(new_depth, duration, init_value = nil)

These properties can be applied to the Player as well by accessing the corresponding property of each comment.  Thus an Event Comment of \bush_off would have a property of @bush_off = true / false.


Not compatible with Lawnmowers, Weedwhackers, or Hedge Trimmers.

Credits and Thanks

  • I'd like to thank the Burrito that I just ate for giving me really nasty gas!

Author's Notes

Restricting Passages is most useful for NPCs or Events that you want to move Randomly and retain some level of control over where they move.  The rest of the Effects are most useful when combined with Heretic's Vehicles XP as Bush and Water are interchangable.
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