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[XP] Heretic's Downhill Ice Deluxe
« on: April 30, 2015, 02:10:47 AM »
Downhill Ice Deluxe XP
Authors: Heretic
Version: 1.01
Type: Custom Movement System
Key Term: Custom Movement System


Slide Downhill on Downhill Ice!


  • Downhill Sliding Movment based on Terrain Tags
  • NPCs can interact as expected on Ice (Customizable)
  • Event Collisions work properly
  • NPCs can be prohibited from Event Ice or ALL Event Tiles unless Through
  • Ice Tiles can be covered up with Event Tiles to prevent Sliding!
  • Compatible with Heretic's Caterpillar 2.0+
  • Wheeeeeeeee!!!!  Yeah, going Wheeeee is a Feature!


(click to show/hide)



Place below Modular Passable (Required)
Place below Collision Optimizer (Optional)
Place below Loop Maps (Optional)
Place below Heretic's Caterpillar 2.0+ (Optional)
(click to show/hide)


Edit your Tileset and assign a Tile or Autotile a Terrain Tag of 1, then use these Tiles to cause your Characters to slide!

For Events:

Add a Comment:

Events with \ice will be able to also slide downhill!


No known fatal issues.

Don't try to Pathfind over Downhill Ice.

Credits and Thanks

  • I'd like to thank three very important people in my life, me, myself, and I!

Author's Notes

Downhill Ice is a very good tool for creating a logical one way movement.  More importantly, it can be used to create Platforming types of Puzzles for your Players.  Everything else is spelled out in the Demo.
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