A resize without looking awful! Help!

Started by whitespirits, May 25, 2015, 06:10:59 pm

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Hi guys, so im working on a project and would really like Ragnarok style sprites but they are kaiser size! im looking to shrink them down so they dont look out of place.

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If I remember right there was a guy who resized them previously, Working on the Game Astyanax, his game thread seems dead and he hasn't been on in this forum for a while, but he's on a few other forums as well u could check there to see if he's still active. If not I could probably do this but it's going to take some time... I'll be pretty busy for the next few months but I'll be able to work on in it in my spare time, possibly, did you want them just resized? or RTP style. also how big do you want them exactly.


Hi man. i just found some screens of that guys game, damn that looks perfect :P here is where im at now, its a 10% size reduce without much quality loss, but does it fit the mack tiles? I think its close :)

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Wtf trade skill !? =0 Is it like some spells that force the target to trade your item ? xD
That look very good ! :)
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