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Sailor Moon Another Story 2: Perfect Edition

Why Another Story 2?
This game is the (unofficial) sequel of the famous game "Sailor Moon Another Story" for Super Nintendo.
Why Perfect Edition?
'Cause I've already released a first version of the game in December 26, 2010.  The Perfect Edition is profoundly different than the first version. Maps completely recreated, scripts rewritten and a different story.
After the destruction of his planet, Nanna, a young boy, joins to the Queen Tiamat in her goal to destroy the Earth and Sailor Moon. The latter defeated the mad Apsu, Tiamat's sister, who now seeks revenge.
Nanna and Tiamat will be flanked by 5 young warriors, originating from a different reality. They are:

Ningal: counterpart of Sailor Moon. For her Nanna is like a brother. Its powers are based on the darkness.

Nammu: counterpart of Sailor Mercury . Her powers are based on the water.

Ereshkigal: counterpart of Sailor Mars. Her powers are based on the fire.

Ashnan: counterpart of Sailor Jupiter. Her powers are based on electricity.

Belili: counterpart of Sailor Venus. Even her powers are based on the darkness.

The five girls, however, hide a secret. Their revenge is different than that of Tiamat but they also, blinded by hate, want to destroy Sailor Moon and the others Sailor Senshi.

But how can they defeat Sailor Moon and her friends? It's simple.
They'll do revive to Sailor Moon her worst nightmares, hurling against her some of her most powerful enemies already addressed in the past.

To complicate matters there will be the P-Crystal, created by Nanna, who, with its mysterious power will make life difficult for Sailor Moon.

Characters (Playable):
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Sailor Moon:  an underachieving schoolgirl who lives in Tokyo. She meets Luna who is searching for the Moon Princess. Luna discovers that she is destined to save Earth from the forces of evil and gives her a broach to transform into Sailor Moon, and asks her to form the Sailor Senshi, find their princess and protect the "Legendary Silver Crystal." As Usagi matures, she becomes one of the universe's powerful warriors and protects her adopted home planet, Earth, from villains who wish to harm it. Usagi is depicted as carefree and cheerful when at ease but quickly serious and strategic-minded when fighting.

Sailor Mercury: is the first Sailor Senshi to be discovered by Sailor Moon, and serves as the "brains" of the group. She possesses powers associated with water, is highly intelligent, and can use a supercomputer to collect information on various battle factors.

Sailor Mars: is the second Sailor Senshi to be discovered by Usagi and the secondary leader of the Sailor Senshi after Minako Aino. She possesses powers associated with fire, as well as psychic and spiritual ones.

Sailor Jupiter: is the third Sailor Senshi to be discovered by Usagi Tsukino, and serves as the "muscles" of the group. She possesses powers associated with electricity and plants, and superhuman strength.

Sailor Venus: she is the leader of the Sailor Senshi. She possesses powers associated with love and beauty.

Sailor Pluto: she is the soldier who guards the gates of time.

Sailor Chibi-Moon: she is the daughter of Sailor Moon from the future. Her real name is the same as her mother's, but is called Chibi-Usa (Little Usagi).

Sailor Neptune: she is elegant, sophisticated, capable of sharp anger, occasionally cold, and fully dedicated to her duty as a Sailor Senshi. She possesses powers associated with the sea, precognitive ones, and various others granted by a mirror.

Sailor Uranus: she fights alongside her partner and lover Sailor Neptune. She possesses powers associated with the sky, precognition, and sword combat.

Sailor Saturn: she possesses powers associated with destruction, death, and rebirth; she has the ability to annihilate a planet and even an entire star system, as well as resetting the evolution of the same to zero.

Sailor Star Maker: is the most intellectual member of the Sailor Starlights.

Sailor Star Fighter: is the leader of the Sailor Starlights. She is arrogant and tends to be, at least on the surface, confident in her own abilities.

Sailor Star Healer: is a lonely person who does not like to socialize or do sports.

Sailor Star Kakyuu: she is the Princess of planet Kinmoku, destroyed by the hand of Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Pallas:  one of the four protectors of Chibi-Usa. Childlike member of the Quartet.

Sailor Vesta:  one of the four protectors of Chibi-Usa. She is loud, brash, and somewhat violent.

Sailor Juno:  one of the four protectors of Chibi-Usa. She is athletic and somewhat impulsive.

Sailor Ceres: the leader of the four protectors of Chibi-Usa. She can manipulate flowers.

Difference with the first version of the game:
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-You can select between english or italian language, every time the game start.

Battle System:
-The system now remembers the last selection in the battle system so if, for example, in the last round or in the last battle the last choice was "Magic" the cursor will automatically be placed on that choice, just like Sailor Moon Another Story.
-Graphics changed: new battlebacks, new graphics selection, new graphics of enemies and improved animations.
-Formation: Now every formation(SHOOT, ARROW, VICTORY or CLUSTER), in addition to enabling the special attack selectable according to the choice of the formation, will increase of 5% some statistics, different for each formation.

Title Screen:
-The opening scene now is totally different from that of the first version of the game. Thanks to StarSeed86 for allowing me to use her Princess Serenity.
Now from the scene of the title, you can also open the game's website.

Menu of the game:
-Now the game menu is divided into several sections.
-You can equip every Sailor Senshi with 3 weapons / armor / items.
-The "Magic" menu is now divided into "Magic" and "Link Tech", so as not to mix them all together.
-The "Items" menu is now divided into "Items" and "Rare Items".
-Now there is also a Puzzle completable finding the pieces scattered throughout the game.
-The "Settings" menu has been redesigned and has been also added a menu to exit the game or enable Full Sceen or Windowed vision.
-Graphics totally recreated
-Party and formation menu improved.

- Added "Story of Usagi" mode, for those unfamiliar with the story of Sailor Moon.
- New Storyline and new (and old) enemies.
- Improved graphics and environments and in some cases totally recreated.
- New environments
- Enabled the train and bus to move around Tokyo.
- Shop modified

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Other screenshots are avaible here: http://princeendymion88.deviantart.com/gallery/58991401/Sailor-Moon-Another-Story2-Perfect-Edition

Demo avaible from here: http://sailormoonanotherstory2.altervista.org/

Full Game:
You can download the old version of the game (released in the far 2010) here: http://sailormoonanotherstory2.altervista.org
I'll post the full Perfect Edition when it'll be completed. Be patient and wait :D

I want to say "THANKS" to all the people who helped me with the game. I've credited you in the game!!!

Tell me any problem, also relating to translations.


Demo v.1.0.2 released
Changelog of 2015/09/15:
-Fixed Ningal's sprite in the introduction
-Fixed the issue with save
-Applicate some small improvements to the attacks of Jupiter and Mars
-Fixed the bug of the "Inn" in Tonatiuh and Balder city.
-Fixed some translations.

Thank goes to Venus Love Whip for reporting!


A part of me really wants to try this, and the other part is scared of releasing my inner weeb.

Edit: and the third part of me says good job either way :P


New demo released (version 1.0.3):
Here the changelog:
-Completed chapters 2, 3 and 4 of the game!
-Decreased the EP request for special attacks
-Added animations for Locked and Sleep status(for enemies)
-Added an animation when you use an item during a battle
-Fixed the animations for some special attack of the Sailor Senshi
-Fixed some prize money at the end of some battles
-Reduced the prices of some items in stores
-Edited the introduction of the game
-New language selection menu
-Edited the video with the developer's logo.


August 27, 2017, 07:43:57 pm #7 Last Edit: August 27, 2017, 07:49:19 pm by Barrel
Hello, I've checked the SMAS2's page on Facebook, and I noticed that you're currently working on your project, chapter 5. And also, I noticed you asked us, on another site which I forget of, to report some bugs. Then here we go:
When you end a fight, sometimes you can't instantly press some bottoms like "x";
When you open a box, sometimes you can't instantly press some bottoms like "x";
You can't press the bottom "z" when you are entering in a room to talk with a character, because it might bug your game;
In chapter 4 "Save your friends", Chibi Moon transforms, but she doesn't fight against the monster to help Sailor Moon. (It's like saying, "let me transform, but I won't do anything")
In chapter 4, when you save Chibi Moon's friend from that monster -  Sailor Moon, for some reason, starts to walk when you press enter and the arrows of your keyboard.

There are some prints, the second and third ones are supposed to be about pressing bottoms while interacting with some characters, the first one is about Chibi Moon transforming just to not help Sailor Moon during the fight).

http://imgur.com/HjljsaQ (Chibi Moon doesn't help her ally during the fight)
http://imgur.com/9OlTAcU (I just pressed enter and accidentally pressed the arrows of my keyboard)
http://imgur.com/nA1jqU3 (Artemis is looking at Sailor Moon's initial position, it's related to the image above)

I don't know whether those are just bugs or whether it's just me doing wrong things.