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Started by Spoofus, March 26, 2016, 01:46:15 pm

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March 26, 2016, 01:46:15 pm Last Edit: March 28, 2016, 07:53:51 am by Spoofus
So i am needing some tilesets and various character sets made, cause they are non existing as far as I know of(I have been looking for a long time).
I have been working on a few of the character sets myself, it is just that help would be nice.If I can manage to get all the tilesets I am needing done, then I can finally start to put together the game map wise,
since I got the scripts and story line done.  I would do tilesets myself it is just that I am bad at doing them.

Yes, I am willing to pay via Paypal.It wont be nothing special as I can only spare so much at the time, but still will pay.(will negotiate)

Job opportunity: (will provide the resources to those who are willing to take this up)
Now I am making a RMXP project that uses the GBA pokemon style resources you can find for RMXP, which I am sure I have most if not all, but I am using them for their modern look where it fits my project's theme and I generally just like the graphic style of it to be honest.

I am needing exterior and interior tilesets of the following:
General Styles:                                                            Environments:

Ruined Town/City                                                          Wooded area, Beach/Mountain Resort, Camp Ground, and Desert

Ancient ruins(Castles and temples etc.)                        Forest, Jungle, Plains, Cavern(*Mountain and **Deep Underground), Forested Lake Front, Beach Front, and Desert
(^May add more can't think of other types of ruins at the moment)
*Include exterior areas  ruins of the mountain cavern, along with old bridges made of wood/stone that would look nice to place over a canyon on the mountain.
**includes flooded chambers, fissures and what you may generally see in a underground cavern.

Pyramid(only need interior of this)

Now I have Need of someone to help make character sets as well of various creatures from myths and legends as well those that are supernatural, using the same GBA pokemon styles resources.
(will give detail of the facing directions I am needing, wont be needing complete character sets for the time being)

Now I know it may seem like a rather large task, but just remember it can give you a small bit of extra money yeah?

(also give me some time to reply back to those who would like to help. The busy season just picked up where I live, which happens to be a tourist trap and I am at work at least 10 hours a day minimum.)

My Blog site I am working on: