[XP] Wecoc's RTP character edits

Started by Wecoc, April 21, 2016, 09:04:32 pm

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Some characters I made using the RTP characters or the RTP chara template. Credits are not required.

Human: ShowHide

Others: ShowHide


Those are some pretty good edits. I don't even recognize the fat guy with the bowl hat as RTP chars. xD

BTW, where did you host those sprites? I used to host a lot of screenshots at imageshack which died so all that stuff basically got lost forever.
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Thx! The caveman is made entirely from the template, and the fat guy is made using the Clown as a main reference. Somehow now looks like a Pokemon NPC, haha.

I don't trust imageshack, I host my pictures on postimage or tinypic and I always save the original on my computer and make regular backups.