[XP] Edits of the chara template

Started by Wecoc, April 21, 2016, 09:18:59 pm

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I made some edits on the chara template so you have more variety. You can use to create your characters for your projects. Credits are not necessary.

- Male (default)
- Hunk
- Tall
- Big dude
- Female (default)
- Chubby
- Alternative ("girly") legs
- Alternative ("manly") arms

And here you can see a collection of some of the RTP faces, and some new ones.

New! An obese guy

I will maybe make more, soon.


Can you also add some emotions to them?


Quote from: koktengri on August 30, 2016, 01:47:19 am
Can you also add some emotions to them?

There's not so much you can do on XP characters for emotions (specially those which don't have eyebrows), and they usually are made without template, case by case on main characters.
Anyway I made a little template that may help you.

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- Default
- Happy/Eyes closed
- Getting real tired of your shit (+drop)
- Ouch!/D'OH!
- Angry
- Crying sad
- Did I shit myself?
- (Extra) OH. MY. F*CKING. GOD.
- (Extra) You serious?