Faith in Feathers

Started by Starmage, June 13, 2016, 12:30:44 pm

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Play as the Archangels assigned by the Omni-potent to save a dying soul and battle your way throughout the purgatory in this short dungeon crawler-based RPG.
(WARNING: Contains light-hearted religious themes..)

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Faith in Feathers is a short 1 hour to 1 and 30 minutes long RMXP game. I'm very happy to be able to complete and share this short game within a week and I had so much fun making it!! xD

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Follow the tale of the Archangels as they fight to answer the prayers of a faithful child named "David", who pleads on saving the life of his bedridden sister, suffering from Lung cancer.

Challenges await the Archangels, for, An imminent death is not going to be an easy enemy.

Will the child's faith and prayers take them far into the purgatory to save his dying sister's life?

Wander and battle your way into different kinds of dimensions found within the purgatory and challenge death itself as you try to change the fate of a dying youth.

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- Archangel Micheal, The sword and shield of God, The protector of his sons and daughters. Micheal found himself summoned before Archangel Haniel, Who brings with her an assignment from God, which seeks to conquer the cold embrace of death, trying to snatch the life of David's sister. Micheal gladly embarks on this task with full determination in answering the child's prayers.

- Archangel Metatron, The Chancellor of heaven and Angel of Records. He was not necessarily summoned by Haniel in this task, But he joined Micheal out of his own accord, for, David's strong heart and faith in God intrigued the Archangel. Metatron is a deeply wise Archangel, but he choose to emulate the way modern humans standardize "Glamour" and then apply it to the way he speaks and the way he dresses.

- Archangel Sandalphon, Master of Music and Angel of Prayer. She is one of the Archangels summoned by Haniel for the task. Sandalphon specializes in her heavenly voice, healing the wounded and saving lost souls from their misery. During their assignment, Sandalphon showed a deep attachment towards David's predicament.

- Archangel Raziel, The Keeper of Secrets and Angel of Mysteries. He was also summoned by Haniel, for his esoteric knowledge was deemed necessary in unlocking the deepest part of the purgatory, the 3rd Dimension. Raziel seems to perceive infinite knowledge and wisdom as a complete tribute for your own heart's joy and happiness.

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Short Notice:
You can use the fountain at Heaven to fully recover your party! :)


- Fully features music from the very beautiful "RMN Music Pack"!
- Addicting and Fun Fast-paced RTAB battle system with an enjoyable camera-work!
- A fun-filled short that allows you to explore many different dimensions, each having their own unique challenges, monsters and bosses to overcome!
- Extremely fun and powerful characters to play as!
- Mind stimulating battles to enjoy and strategize!
- Dynamic and Challenging boss fights!
- It is short, fun and simple!



- Gozaru
- Sithjester
- Iceaxe
- Luthur, Fox5, Ccoa,
- Cyanyurikago

Music (The beautiful RMN Music Pack!)

Mc Tricky
  - "Royalty of Sin"
  - "Composed Malevolence"
  - "Valiance"
  - "Resonance Hopes Ignited Wills"
  - "Hamlet"
  - "Center of the Galaxy"
  - "Peaceful Moment"
  - "Mellow Darkness"
  - "Tranquil Town"
  - "Caverns"
  - "The Ritual"
  - "Poem for the different future"
  - "Peaceful soul"
  - "Circle of Light"
  - "Desert Crossing"
  - "Puzzles"
  - "Run"
  - "Cool Island Breeze"


- Cogwheel
- DerVVulfman
- Ccoa
- Fukuyama
- Near Fantastica

Special Thanks:

- Enterbrain

Further Notes:

This is officially my 3rd game in RPG makng!! And I'm very happy to be able to complete it within a week's time. Thank you God for all these fun possibilities and for all the people and their beautiful works involved in making this game possible! I sure hope that you all enjoy this game as I did making it!! :)


Hey downloaded the game, I´ve tryied beating the first boss 6 times always die no matter how hard I try
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Hi cyclope!! Oh my, really?? hmm!! I designed the first boss to be the simplest battle!! xDD but I cannot blame you, it must be the mechanic you're still quite confused with. :)

Okay, I can give you an advice in beating the first boss.. try using the strongest skills of both characters present in the battle to destroy the Megaterrestrial first.. so that when it dies, you can then focus on the Mastermind alone! :)

I think wiping out the Megaterrestrial first would be good, since it casts Mass Venom all the time... making such a nuisance combined with the Mastermind's spells. xDD