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Started by chaucer, July 11, 2016, 03:26:26 pm

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It's another average day in Retro City, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and people are being transformed into hairy creatures and going on a rampage?! For some reason people are being taken over by the hair on their head, they seemingly are driven by a single goal, find and infect everyone they come across! Within hours the plague consumes seamingly all of Retro City, but hope is not lost yet, On the outskirts of town, theres an unlikely hero. The Odd barber with, a compulsive urge to shave people bald. Will our unlikely hero be able to shave the world?

• Awesome Pixel art graphics with a cartoony feel.
• An incredible soundtrack that will put you in the mood to shave.
• Hair raising action in Metroidvania style gameplay with it's own unique style.
• A variety of tools at your disposal range from giant straight razors, high powered blow driers, a giant high pressure mouse can and more!
• Several unique modern stages, like an electronics store, the super market and even the city itself.
• Lots of bad hair related puns.
• Several different game modes, ranging from easy - hard, for story mode, time attack and boss rush.
• A score system which will keep track of your best run on each stage as well as an online scoreboard to compete with other players high scores.

The Barber : 

Ever since he was little he's always been a bit odd, he never had any friends for long, due to his compulsive nature to shave them bald. His only friend growing up was the family dog, who he would chase around the yard to try and shave him. The dogs name started out as Rex, then turned to Patches, and then Baldy. When the barber grew his mustache, he claimed it could talk, everyone thought he was crazy but the barber's mustache often gives helpful advice that can help in hairy situations.

The Stylist :

An air headed klutz who while growing up, her parents had little hope for, at least until she got her hands on a pair of scissors, frightened at first, but soon they realized their daughter was a talented hair stylist. Her haircuts would always come out artful and unique, at least when she didn't space out and shave the person bald, she barely managed to get her cosmetology license, despite being the star pupil of the class. Her business didn't last long either, after balding half her clients due to forgetting what they asked for, but now that the worlds completely taken over by hair monsters, theres no one left to complain about a bad hair cut, so she sees this as her opportuity to make a comeback in her career.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Currently this is a very early demo, there's no actual story, or level design, it's just to get feedback on the games mechanics, attacking, jumping etc, any feedback is much appreciated :D

Credits :


ConkerMich - Artwork


jcbrickston - Music & Sfx


Yanfly - Screen Resolution Plugin


Shaving? BLASPHEMY! Still, fulfills all requirements to be moved. *moves*
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Haha thanks for the move, also forgot to mention the controls, arrow keys move, z jump, x shaves, and shift is a high powered can of mousse you can use to dash across the screen,  you can wall slide/ wall jump by jumping into a wall and holding the direction forward, which is missing a graphic, and also needed to progress.

Much appreciation to anyone who tries it out, id love to hear how other people think it plays! :D