[Unity][Android] GridPlane: Portable Plane Survival.

Started by R.A.V.S.O, September 30, 2016, 01:24:14 pm

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Portable Plane Survival

By: R.A.V.S.O.

GridPlane is a game project I'm developing under the Unity 5.4 engine with the Android OS.

While it started at first as another attempt to enter a game developing contest, I decided to take my time and flesh it out properly
for a proper release afterwards


The core gameplay is simple: you get to control a (rather vitriolic) paper plane which you have to guide through an endless stream of obstacles while avoiding any form of obstacle collision as even slightly bumping the plane causes it to violently explode and respawn again, your main objective is to survive for as long as possible while collecting points for every obstacle avoided, the plane has 5 lives in total, and can gain some extra lives along the way.

Gameplay Demonstration Video:

You can control the plane via 2 different styles of control, either by classic UP/DOWN buttons or by tilting your phone in accelerometer mode, the longer the player survives in the game, the harder and faster the game gets, pitting the player against harder and more complex patterns.


(while the game is fully playable on android devices of 4.2 or higher, bear in mind I still have some extra features planned, and will continue to edit this list.)

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+ Fully working main menu.
+ Main Menu Options for side adjustments.
+ Core gameplay 100% done, (still room for improvement ;D but at the moment, works as intended)
+ Randomized Audio Tracks (6 possible tracks to keep .apk light)
+ Reactive Background (the background reacts to the BGM to give it a more active feel)
+ Endgame Options (the basics but works)
+ In-game options menu (with an additional set of options to check FPS and such)
+ 2 different control styles for gameplay.
+ Local High Score (similar to flappy bird's)

INCOMING (or at least heavily considered):

- Single Life Mode (for those who want a harder variant of the game)
- Additional Enemy Patterns (there are approximately 18 different boss patterns at the moment, I wish to see more.)
- Combo counter (breaks when you crash the plane)

WISHFUL THINKING (stuff I'd love to implement but can't right now due to either not knowing how to properly add it or lacking the components to do so):

- Global Scoreboard (highly considering this one once I get a proper google dev account)
- Music File Loading (use the player's stored music as BGM, be it as .ogg or .mp3)
- Gameplay based around Music (obstacles spawn by synchronized music beat, movement increases or decreases with tempo.)
- IOS support (this game would need to be popular at least in order to even consider this option.)

The game itself works for the Android OS at the moment, but should it enough popularity, I'd heavily consider porting it to IOS (granted I get a proper license, but that's still under wishful thinking) the minimum required to run the game at the moment is Android 4.2 or higher.

Feel free to give the game a shot:


Current Version is: v1.1
LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/agzon0jsi0up45h/GridPlane%20v1.1.apk?dl=0

The .apk weights approximately 45 mb and should run at a stable 30 fps on old phones, and a smooth 60 fps on newer phones, just
download the .apk to your phone and install to play.


The game has 2 different styles of controls for moving the paper plane:

[CLASSIC BUTTONS]: Move the plane by pressing the UP / DOWN arrow buttons in succession to keep the plane stable.

[TILT MODE]: Tilt your device either left or right to control how much the plane ascends or descends.


The GridPlane project as of right now has been completed for a proper release, but I will continue to keep working on it from time to time, either by adding more device support, additional music or overhauls to how the system works, bear in mind that this is by no means the final product and might suffer some drastic changes from time to time.

Hope you guys enjoy the game ;D
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