Interesting ideas for Blizz-ABS

Started by winkio, August 18, 2008, 11:15:36 pm

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These are all pretty much do it yourself, as in DO NOT GO BUGGING BLIZZARD TO SCRIPT THESE.  Yes, it would be easier if they were scripted, but don't be lazy and try to do something yourself for once.  I got incredibly worked up just reading about all the stupid questions and comments in the Blizz-ABS thread recently. 

1.  Defined damage attacks.

We know how to do defined damage skills.  Unfortunately, you can not set up weapons in a similar way in the database.  Instead, create a skill called 'attack' and link it to a new common event.  Make conditional branches that detect what weapon is equipped, and then act appropriately by displaying the animation and dealing a set amount of damage.

2.  Multi-hit attacks/skills
     Same concept as above:  link to common event, then just use the skill multiple times in the event.

3.  Increased knockback
    same concept as multihit:  have the first hit be the skill, and deal additional 1-damage hits to increase knockbacks.

You can do pretty much anything with common events.  it is not terribly difficult.  Try it.

4.  Continued Attacks/skills
     These are attacks/skills that keep on going for a time and possibly change depending on if buttons are pressed at certain times.  Again, use a common event, and set a timer at the beggining, and then when the timer reaches a certain point, check to see if a button is pressed.

My perspective: scripters, especially those such as Blizzard, have a life.  therefore, do not constantly pester them about little things.  It is extremely disrespectful.  Let them take a break.  They probably have much better things to do than to rework their scripts just to please you.


I need a help with something. When a enemy receive damage from a knockback skill, nothing hapening

On the common event I use a call script:

$BlizzABS.enemy_force_action(@SELF, ENEMIES, , SKILL, 11)

Can anyone help me?