Legend of the Mysterummy

Started by AnnTenna, April 05, 2020, 06:14:58 am

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The game takes place on the fantastic planet Aezzz populated by humans, elves and many different mystical creatures.

The whole planet is a big single country and in its history were no wars, because all people signed the pact of friendship.

The game story is focused on a strange thing named Mysterummy, which is passed to Trenz, the main protagonist of this game, from his parents.

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-Positive atmosphere
-Non-linear game play.
-7 original playable characters, for 6 (4 in this demo) of which joining the party is optional.
-You need about 7 hours to finish the demo, but it can be played through several times, because it has many endings, bad and good, and varied characters combinations.
-Voice of heroes in fights

Also, you can

-Fly on brooms
-Find many logical riddles
-And visit many secret places

Unfortunately the game have some imperfections:

-most of art and music is not original
-Translated to English a little less than half of the game.

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Name: Trenz
Gender: male
Who: protagonist
Whence: Rothos village
Prior to the story: courier
Positive character traits: brave, fair, the leader, sometimes clever and kind
Negative character traits: can sometimes be very silly, and joke inappropriately.
Magic: fire and ice
Favourite phrase: "Forward!" Or "Extra caution won't hurt here."

Name: Kate
Gender: Female
Who: girlfriend
Whence: Spommkey village
Prior to the story: housekeeper
Positive character traits: kind, modest, beautiful, lovely, and smart too
Negative character traits: weeper, sometimes starts to panic in a difficult situation
Magic: light and healing
Favourite phrase: "Thanks"

Name: Green
Gender: Male
Who: little monster
Whence: Green island
Prior to the story: traveller
Positive character traits: Funny, curious, adventurer
Negative character traits: Harmful, thief, ill-bred, upstart, always hungry
Magic: Darkness and lightnings
Favourite phrase: "Ryyyaaaaa!"

Name: Harry
Gender: Male
Who: friend
Whence: Rothos village
Prior to the story: village guard
Positive character traits: Strong, brave, purposeful
Negative character traits: Straightforward, stubborn, stupid, a bit evil
Favourite phrase: "So when do we finally go to the Evil Castle!?!?"

Name: Zent (or Petrik)
Gender: Male
Who: friend or enemy
Whence: Zent village
Prior to the story: traveling wizard
Positive character traits: calm and even-tempered, smart
Negative character traits: bore, deceiver, secretive
Magic: earth and wind
Favourite phrase: "So what?"

Name: Shandon
Gender: Male
Who: friend
Whence: Portgard
Prior to the story: piracy and treasure hunt
Positive character traits: leader, kind... well, sometimes
Negative character traits: greedy, ill-mannered
Magic: meteors and explosions
Favourite phrase "One thousand alley cats!... Oh. I mean, one thousand devils and one alley cat!"

Name: Stumpy
Gender: Male
Who: little stump-monster
Whence: Spommkey village
Prior to the story: a pet in Kate's house
Positive character traits: sweet, kind
Negative character traits: obtuse, speaks his own language, which only Katya understands
Magic: Water and life
Favourite phrase: "Irsi syam!"

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 AnnTenna - leading developer, Concept, Story, Character Development, Dialogue, Quests, Battle Balance, Map Design, Character/Sprite Design, World Map Design, Event Systems, NPC, Logical riddles, Graphics search, Animator, System of fighting magic, Voice, Sound, Music search, Testing.
Villain - Title Screen, Sound technician, Voice, Music search, Transition from RPG-Maker 2000 on 2003, Mapping, Event Systems, Logical riddles, Testing.
Dr. Nick To - Graphics and Music search, Voice, Mapping, Technical support, Testing, Quests.
Sn@ke - Testing, Mapping, Voice, Character/Sprite Design, Graphics search, Quests, Music search.
Silent Meiousei - Mapping, Character/Sprite Design, Testing, NPC, Logical riddles, Graphics search, Event Systems, Quests.
Rino - Graphics updating ,Character/Sprite Design, Art, Animator, Graphics search, Testing.
Laendel - Mapping, World Map Design, Quests, Music search, Testing.
Avatosius - Voice, Mapping, Character/Sprite Design, Testing, Event Systems, NPC.
Herbert West - Graphics search, Mapping, World Map Design, Testing.
mephis - Testing, System of fighting magic event, Technical support.
TauroFW - Testing, Graphics search.
Kusharami - Testing, Music search, updating Text
Agckuu Coceg - Character/Sprite Design, Testing
Wins Vega - Original Sound Track, Sound search
Alexian - Testing
Jekil - Testing
Sed - Testing
Sirius - Thanks for the help System of fighting magic event



Strawberry Berserker
Green Tea


Jeremy Toler

* Apocalyptica-"Celtic Moon (Final fantasy 2)"
* Apocalyptica-"Ressurection"
* Aliene Ma'riage "Burst"
* Catharsis - "Heart of the world (stillife-remix)"
* DiDuLa - "Parcel from Romania"
* DiDuLa - "Waterfall"
* Dreams Of Sanity "In..."
* Enya "Tea House Moon"
* Enya "Storms In Africa"
* Era "Flowers of the sea"
* Jean-Michel Jarre "Oxygene 9"
* Hibernia "Wind of Change"
* Hocico "Sangra El Cristo"
* Libido Airbag "Hepatizur Appetizer"
* Lacrimosa "Unerkannt"
* Lacrimosa "Flamme Im Wind"
* Max Folmer "Elixir"
* Max Folmer "Smiling Eyes"
* Mammoth "Halloween_theme"
* Melnitsa "Tarantella"
* Raison D'etre "Penumbra"
* Robert Miles "Enjoy"
* Royal Hunt "Fourth Dimension"
* Theatre Of Tragedy "Mire"
* Therion-"3 ships of Berik Part 2-Victory"
* Therion-"The Fall Into Eclipse"
* Therion-"The Quiet Desert"
* Therion-"Down The Qliphothic Tunnel"
* Therion-"Evocation Of Vovin"
* The Ventures "Ginza Lights"
* The Ventures "Hawaii 5-0"
* The Ventures "Beethoven Five - Oh !"
* The Ventures "Rideres in the sky"
* Tristania "Saturnine"
* Tiamat "Best Friend Money Can Buy"
* Johann Sebastian Bach
* Ludwig van Beethoven № 6
* Vivaldi "Gloria"
* Golden Light Orchestra
* Mendelssohn's Wedding March
* Steiner "Solle (Steinberg)"
* Charles Callet "Spooky Music"
* Charles Callet "The Famous Castle"
* Charles Callet "The Forest"
* Xenogears - xeno- Lahan.

Other graphics:
has been used from various sources.
*RTP- the set of the drawing which have been built in in the RPG-MAKER
* from popular jRPG
Final Fantasy
Seiken Densetsu
Star Ocean
Chrono Trigger
*internet-resources for the RPG-MAKER
Basically from a site charas-project.net
Fighting animations from:
Omega 9999
The Brave
Red Rose of Pail
Sprites: koopa-on-fire
hukt own fonikz
Chipsets: Lasse Kongo
Drawing of persons: Kindori
In this list, there are only authors of graphic resources I managed to establish. I apologise, if someone has not been mentioned.

Download from Itch.io: https://anntenna.itch.io/mysterummy
Download from Gamejolt https://gamejolt.com/games/Mysterummy/473695