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Started by G_G, August 20, 2008, 12:39:10 am

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Ok there arent that many guidelines here, just make up a character and post him here. Can be any class any name including your forum name. A character from your game. Just list the spells you want, make them rtp default that way we dont get too confused, and everyone starts out at level 1. After signup is done, I will configure stats and lock up this thread and go onto the story telling. In the mean time characters guys! A maximum of 6 people can sign up. Including me. Just take my character for example on how to make yours, and also you will get to choose from a guardian angel, the list is below my character.

Name::Aron (its me but thats not my real name, but our personality is the same)
Guardian Angel::Swordsman
Spells:: Cross Cut, Feint Attack, Spiral Blade, Hurricane, Heal
Background Info::Was born in a town called Feren. He's best friends with Lisa. His dad died while he was on a quest for the king for his dad was a guardian knight. His mom and himself are not although, struggling, as the king has been helping them here and there. Aron was born with the Angel Swordsman but yet does not know. He trains everyday by killing lizards, outside the village.

Angel Guardain Lisa x = taken
Swordsman::Breaks law of defense{Attack is twice as strong}
White Robed Mage::Breaks laws of Spell Casting{ Can reflect spells back at enemies}
Black Robed Mage::Breaks laws of MP Cost{Can change the number of MP cost to any number}
Blue Robed Mage::Breaks laws of knowledge{learns all of enemies moves}
Gunsman::Break Laws of range{attack is just as strong whether you're only in the back row or not}
Hunter::Breaks laws of hit number{can attack 3-5 times}
Theif::Breaks laws of speed{changes how fast the user goes}

thats all for now.


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ehhhh, too limiting it seems. the Default RTP is nothing, and even then, Video Game RPG spells and stuff dont always translate well into text RPGs. considering how if you were too 'use rage for a more powerful blow' you would just go into A rage, increasing the blows consistently. also Magic, 'a large explosion targeting all enemies' in text RPGs, 'all enemies' would just translate to an area, and even then, in Text RPGs, theres the chance the 'judge' will deem that some enemies that originally were in the radius, managed to escape. also, if an enemy is largely overpowering the characters, the strategies that would be used in the game 'ok this turn, I'll have the fighter attack, the mage blast, cleric heal all members, and the other guy do somethin' it'd be that the guy wouldn't wait for you to intelligently make the decision, and having Stat Based Text RPGs just never seem to work for me. seem to boring and overcomplicated.

in closing, I have no idea why I posted.

good luck with the RPG!

EDIT: on a side note, if you want to attract more people, giving an idea of what the events will be, the overall goal of the RPG, and the basic plot is, makes people more positive if they want to join. other than this looks like a 'meh, bah. stat based RPG Text thing' to me, I also have no idea what the plot is, nor the significance of the Guardian Angels, they just seem like uber cheats. also, you appear to be treating this like an actual Video Game. now, I have no real experience in the line of Stat Based, but I don't think they are just video games on paper, I mean, complex video games on paper. sure, those old-fashioned 'text video games' are easily translated, its like a board game, but like, you seem to have a battle system in mind, hinted at by: {can attack 3-5 times} and {attack is just as strong whether you're only in the back row or not} a text RPG doesn't really have a 'back row' so to speak, a ranger will stay back, to fire arrows, but then, you wouldn't want your distance fighter in up close and personal combat against a trained swordsman, hmm? and an arrow through the chest from three feet away, is the same as an arrow through the chest three yards away, you still got an arrow through your chest, and your still gonna die.

...dang. I went back to the thing... *needs to elarn to keep a straight thought path*


Sign up for Ulta's RPG and then we'll flock over here to abandon Ulta's :V

I want more classes!!!!!! Spellsword!!! Rogue!!!! Elephant!!!!!