RM2K3 - Taking water over my head with an outdated engine.

Started by Rymdpotatis, August 21, 2008, 06:59:40 am

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I'm not sure if anyone here is playing around with RM2K3 but this is the only forum I know off with people that actually knows what they are talking about so I figured I would try asking.
I've been experimenting with RM2K3 for a while and I actually found it to be a bit easier then RMXP.
Anyway, this is the bit I'm having trouble with. I'm experimenting with a custom inventory system by using a map, there are 40 invisible events on that map, and as the player pick things up they check to see if the player has an item in the inventory, if he does one of them changes charset to match that item, when the player moves over the item in the inventory map he can choose to equip, discard or read about the item. However I've only managed to get it to work with 1 item, I'm not sure how to make the conditional branches and all the variables so they check if an inventory slot is taken so the item ends up next to it.