Fallen Feather: Mother F.E.L.I.C.I.A

Started by ConflictX3, September 26, 2008, 09:55:26 pm

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September 26, 2008, 09:55:26 pm Last Edit: October 22, 2008, 01:37:03 am by ConflictX3
Hello, i'm new to this site (or any other RM Forum for that matter) but not new to RPG Maker, Since RPG Maker 2003 i've been toying with the series, i've also got my feet wet with RPG Maker 2, Very wet with RPG Maker 3 and now i'm about knee deep with RPG Maker XP(i checked out VX via youtube and some sights and dont find it all to appealing)

Today i wanted to Showcase a little on my Game for RPG Maker XP, Fallen Feather: Mother F.E.L.I.C.I.A, this game is a prequal to another game which is 100% Scripted storyline wise and about 20% ready production wise: Fallen Feather for RPG Maker 2003.
I'm practically an expert with 2k3, i even had tutorials on the old gamingw site, but inspired by prequals such as FF7:CC and VP:Lenneth being on more advance systems i decided to take the same chance, although im quite retarted when it comes to script.

^^, o.k enuff introduction, Fallen Feather:MF, i short is the game currently in production as my first completed game although i planned originally for FF to be completed first, due to certain situations i've had to direct my focus on this story, i'm also toying with the idea of writing a full fledge novel that tells the story of of this story, i want it to be good, i'm nto much of a programmer and i dam sure can't script, and i just recently learned how to make appealing maps in preference to.....piece of crap houses being put next to eachother lol, so my story is all i have to rely on to make this be a hit (although i must admit i've been on these and other forums as a guest and snagging all types of scripts to make the game more fun/appealing, from CMS's to advanced DBS's, all wil be credited)

Now, i will present to you the prolouge of this tale that s explained in the beggining of the game, to make it as less complicated as possible what i'm putting up below is the prolouge from the written Novel version of my game, tell me what you think, honestly, criticism and cursing is appreciated as well:

~The Almighty, The Universe~
"The Almighty", Undisputable ruler of everything that exists. Going by no other name, The Almighty and his chosen bride, "Threa", Reside in a mystical realm all their own known as "Higher Plane".  It is here that they and their subjects remain for time eternal. Threa, queen of the cosmos gave birth to seven children.  Pyzra, God of Flame and Fire; Tsuzra, God of Wave and Water;  Groundra, God of Quake and Boulder; Wispra God of Wind and Twister. Boltra, God of Thunder and Lightning;  Bronza, God of Steel and Metal as well as...Azulra, The two-headed God of Light and Dark.
Centuries passed, the children grew older and more powerful. As their talents extended and became more formidable, The Almighty believed it was time to choose his heir.  He felt that the most unbiased procedure to conduct this decision would be by playing a game.
This "game" would test their ability to rule others. Without warning he flung his galaxy crushing hands above his head and spoke to his children: "This will be your playing field". With a blinding flash of light nothing but an endless path of black, lit by countless stars stood in front of the seven. Thus the Universe was created.   
~The PlaneT, The Separation~
The Children were sent into this Universe with the order to shape and form their own "Plane-Terrain", or "PlaneT", and govern it. Rules were set, once a PlaneT was created and 7 "Days" old, each god must enter a separate realm known as "Spiritual Plane".  From within' the Spiritual Plane no god may have physical contact nor interact with any life-form on their PlaneT. However they were allowed to send as many messengers on their behalf for whatever desire imaginable. Every "Period", approximately 1,020 "Years", each God would be allowed to return to their individual PlaneT. On that day any and all followers are to chant and give praise to their god, all who deny their god must give no recognition. The accumulation of praise will feed each god and ultimately make them stronger, which was the key to the game. Whoever receives the most praise and increases the most in power by that time The Almighty calls his children back will be the victor. Once the throne is passed, the heir must decide on his bride and begin their rules. The guidelines seemed simple enough, create a world and have your subjects love you of their own free will. However, for some that was irrelevant. Azulra, the youngest of the children, never could agree with one another since birth. When creating their PlaneT, the only thing they agreed on was naming it after their mother: Threa. Unable to decide if the life-forms, their destined followers, were to be primarily light or dark manifestations, the two heads battled one another until their body, ultimately, split apart into two separate creatures.
~The Arche, The Geno~
As of that moment, Azra, Phoenix of holy and light, along with Zala, Spirit of Sin and Darkness began their divided existence. Some found this as a blessing but the mighty beings saw it as a crutch. With both their bodies only retaining half the power their combined form once did, becoming the strongest to win their father's throne became twice the difficulty. This caused a sense of desperation within' both of them, too stubborn to rejoin as one, they  decided to wage war against each other during the seven days remaining before being pulled into their individual spiritual planes.  If successful in defeating the other, Azra or Zala could absorb their counterpart as pure energy allowing one dominant form to stand with all lost power regained. Too powerful to fight directly while among Threa, the two created warriors to fight on their behalf. Children of Azra, or "Angels" soared into battle against the children of Zala, known as "Ghouls". Three days passed by at a painstakingly slow rate, as quickly as lives were created, they were lost amidst the battle field that Threa had now become. Zala prompted to create a more powerful form of Ghouls, monsters infinitely stronger, they were titled the "Geno".  With improved, almost limitless power a single Geno took down hundreds of Angels before falling in battle themselves. Azra responded to these abominations by giving life to "Arch-Angels" often called "Arches" for short. Elite winged soldiers who matched the Geno in every conceivable way. Among the fleets that went to war with each other, the commanding gods were reported to be seen fighting in quick, short bursts of head-on battle themselves.  By the seventh day Threa was crippled to a chaotic state, yet Azra and Zala's men still kept complete faith in their creators.  The war left undecided, the two were reluctantly swept up into their spiritual plane only to stay in wait for exactly 1 period.  Although majority of the Angels and ghouls followed their leader to the spiritual plane, a good portion remained on Threa as its first residents of life. Arches and Genoes disappeared off the face of the PlaneT not to long after, and so did all memory of their existence. The rebuilding of Threa began.
~The Evolution, The Beginning of End~
A century or so went by quickly, The Angels changed and evolved into beings know as "humans", while others evolved into a species called "sprites". Ghouls, at first, remained as they we're:  savage beasts without a conscious, but a startling decrease in power and, in-turn, threat was quite noticeable. As another century went by another life-form emerged, a humanoid ghoul....one with a heart and conscious no different from a human. Although similar looking to a human, most had odd colored skin, and also showed signs of enhanced strength and fighting instincts. Around this time any and all recollection of the seven day war was lost to all, only printed documents and scriptures were around to tell the tale. In spite of this, most humans spoke in ignorance against this new life and put them in the same category as the Ghouls. Through taunts and name calling this species was finally given their name:  the "Inhumane". The Inhumane we're hated on and had no way to prove their worth. It wasn't until a band of ghouls attacked a human village and we're beaten back by inhumanes who were roaming the streets that they found their calling. In a decades time the Inhumane began a flourishing business of "Demon Hunting" where they were hired and paid to assassinate any ghoul that wreaked havoc. The business was very successful, the Inhumane we're able to afford a living for them selves while displaying their worth to humans around. Time passed and as thought, the Inhumane we're accepted more and more but always kept at arms length, science made amazing strides around this time as a professor came across feathers left on the planet from Azra himself and using it as a source of energy or even to perform feats of magic. Times we're good and the economy was never better but as each quarter (255 years, ΒΌ of the period) passed Threa grew closer and closer to the end of its first period. The Year is now 999, Quarter 4...merely 31 years before the end of the period and the re-arrival of Azra and Zala.....

In-Game Images of the first open areas (Sry if my mapping isn't great but you should've seen it before...HORRIBLE...mapping 70% why all my other attempts at games failed, but im more than satisfied with these so i have high hopes for this game, as its already by far my most completed project yet, i hope their decent)

Spoiler: ShowHide

Full Credit will be given to all sources and creators, i keep a log of all the resources and scripts i use as possible, they will be credited accordingly both in game and here.


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That's an interesting personal history you have for yourself. If you seem to be skilled in RPG Maker 2003, I'm sure you can deliver that over to XP easily. Just that there are some differences, you know that, but overall it's all good. :welcome: by the way.

I mainly read, with proofreading in my mind, not any of the real analytical story. It's simply a habit of mine firstly, and I know it's not exactly a good method to go forth. Well, everything is fine, just an occasional error here and there, except for the last paragraph, which began to go a LITTLE downhill. My emphasis on little should be taken into notice, I don't mean your story is going to down a slope and start sucking, I'm just saying it's not the best there.

And you just HAD to start it off on Year 999... :roll:

We'll see what happens here. Put the background into good use for the whole game's story and don't waste it. Utilize this information as much as you can. If you don't put this background information to good use, then it's just a waste of text and there's really no reason for it to be there (Except for world-building or to be an avid fan of the game).

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September 29, 2008, 09:51:27 pm #2 Last Edit: September 29, 2008, 10:21:34 pm by ConflictX3
Thank you very much
i agree and i did a revised version, i never got a chance to revise the text so ill take care of it now, and yea i know year 999 was iffy, but as i took a very odd way writing my time line (i actually have a perfected, history-book study guide styled time-line sitting on my computer of everything from the creation of Threa to after the 1,020 year mark)

it jus kinda landed there, i needed it close enough to the time of judgement for certain events to take place but not clash with other events that take place, and to have this character meet certain other characters at certain ages, it all just ranged that the year 999 to 1,002 was my only opened window, so those 4 years is years is when these actions take place.

Also i am very cautious of the background, its constantly reoccuring, and if some parts seem lacking in this, i'd like to admit that it's because it will mainly emerge among Fallen Feather.

In about a week i will hopefully be putting up a demo of the intro to the first boss battle, shooting for atleast 30 minutes playtime.

i hope you can check it out and give me any advice.

P.S - Yeah i see what you mean, the whole-dry concept of demon hunting and the wolrd being bright and happy, THOSE are things that i will allow to fleet away as useless text, the whole D-H and thing wont last too long and the whole bright and happy aspect with the great economy, thats for the humans, you follow a cast of Inhumanes, he deals wit all the not so great outside of the first 2 towns for introduction...

new updates and screenshots in the next few days


HAHAHA!!! back from the dead!!!, well actually...back from college, due to being in school this project was basically put on hiatus without warning (I surprised myself by this instant desire to complete what i started), its been nearly 2 years since i worked on this project but i've been re-familiarizing myself with the entire project for the last few days and altering a few things i felt needed changes, although i refuse to expand the storyline from where i left off until i feel i'm in a similar mindset as before so i don't change the feel of the game.

i know i had little to know people looking at this project but this time i do plan to complete it (after being inspired by the creator of avatar and how he spent 16 years with that script on the back-burner), i don't know when the game will be completed as i'm also an engineer/indie label manager for hiphop & r&b acts now, but i do ahev about 30 minutes of gameplay that i did finish with an aim of ATLEAST 8 to 12 hours of total gameplay, so being realistic, i guessing the project won't be completed for another 3 years as long as i'm working by myself.

i will keep my page steadily updated and try not to let anything more than 3 months of time go by without an update :)

it's good to be back!!


Ooooh. Good to hear. Keep us updated! After all, development blogs for software usually makes everyone happy and excited for it.

Hope to see it ! And welcome back ~

QuoteEDIT: Post 1111! WOO! XD Four ones in a row.

What the ---

What's osu!? It's a rhythm game. Thought I should have a signature with a working rank. ;P It's now clickable!
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Sounds interesting. Levelle up.

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