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Started by akkrin, October 14, 2008, 01:47:33 pm

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I was wondering if anybody knew if and were I could find face sets for a few of the rtp-characters that had emotions showing instead of just the standard boring look on there face.
for ex.) Fighter 4 just without the gay ass mask having face sets of him looking surprised, angry, embarrassed, etc, etc

So if anybody knows were I could find some or a program that would help me do that it would be greatly appreciated.


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Those facesets are under the artist name of Ruruga-Gozaru...

Unfortunately, the site is down...You can always check if it'll ever be up or something:


I'm surprised this isn't in the Resource Link Thread, as this is also a common use in RMXP games. :P

There's also the FaceMaker Program, you have to find that yourself though, I don't remember the name and such. Users like Blulightning and computerwizoo7 have their avatar made from this program.

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Thats me :) I think I can find facemaker for you if you need it...


Nah that's ok I found it this morning, forgot all about that program but thanks for the offer anyways. :haha: