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Started by Diokatsu, October 27, 2008, 07:10:55 pm

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October 27, 2008, 07:10:55 pm Last Edit: October 27, 2008, 07:13:09 pm by Diokatsu
Chaos Project RP

by Ultaflame(Azara) and Diokatsu(Thanatos)

Well this is too be my first advertisement, not to say I'm proud of it. It's an IRC channel started by Ultaflame and mylsef to act as the outlet for all our antics ^_^

/join #chaosrp

This will be your joining code, for all those not versed in IRC. It's on the same server and everything so you can access it and CP IRC at the same time. I don't ask that you all participate but if you're looking for fun you might wanna head on over there. I will be editing the topic as the story progresses and the story will go on going. In the case we wrap up a story, feel free to come on and put some input in. All characters are welcome but your strength is determined byt the amount of time you have spent on the forums, and no, not the days online xD

I hope this can be a fun outlet. Remember to be serious when serious and have fun at the same time. I won't be too strict on the limits of your people so long as you bring a good character to the table! Follow the storyline but feel free to play as many parts as you want. Bookmark this as a preview into what we have in store. I'll be keeping up with this and I really hope you'll join us!


Don't forget that you can use either the built-in Chaos Project chat for that *points to the top link saying "Chat"* or that you can connect via an external IRC client like mIRC, Trillian, etc. The usual connection data is the same as CP's chat, you just join another channel. I hope you all enjoy your role playing. :)
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That's a good point. You need just go on a seperate client, but rather click the other button on the chat window and type the /join command. Thanks Blizz ^_^


An interesting idea, I might stop by sometime. ^_^