'Altar of Instrumentality'

Started by Caro Ru Lushe, October 30, 2008, 06:12:36 pm

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Caro Ru Lushe

I was playing around in photoshop & trying to make an Altar, thou I didn't like much the result, but decided to finish it up & share for the public. (OMG! I'm actually sharing something for the community >__>;; )

Use as you please, it would fit more the RTP Church thou, Credits would be nice if used . . . .


Wow, impressive work. That's something pretty interesting, and I couldn't even have thought of that. :P Reminds me of something from Roller Coaster Tycoon...O.o That was quite random.

Anyway, only thing I'm against is the alignment, but that can easily be...oh, easily can be corrected. That's not even an issue, really...Great work Caro, kudos...I'll power you up. :P

What's osu!? It's a rhythm game. Thought I should have a signature with a working rank. ;P It's now clickable!
Still Aqua's biggest fan (Or am I?).


*powers up and adds to resource collection*
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