Myriad Souls Battle Thread

Started by Vell, November 11, 2008, 10:54:02 am

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this is where the fights take place - major battles involving armies go here too, but they'll be much different, and if more than one battle happens in clos-by places, its possible they'll intrude on eachother.

well, we await the first fight, and to the victor go the spoils as they say.


Dikura got out her staff and took a readied stance.

"Do you have a weapon, Sakura?" she said.

"No, I trust in Nature enough to know that she will provide for all I need," the other combatant replied.

"Okay, well... here I come then!" Dikura announced with vigor.

The elven warrior moved the distance between Sakura and her, as if gliding, and swung her staff for a strike to the nymph's shoulder.  Sakura, thinking fast, but unsure, called upon plants within the ground to come up and shield her.  Were her instincts quick enough?


Vyazar's pulling sensation stopped as I felt whole again. well, as whole as I could feel, considering that he doesn't exist.

there were two of them. "who are you?" his voice souinded like the wind, even to himself, and any who heard him would surely think themself just hearing the wind.

the one ran with a staff, and roots started sprouting, but whatever they were going to do, it wasnt fast enough, I noticed.

the other fell to the floor, as the staff was brought down on her cheek.

"ooh, that hurt." Vyazar muttered.


Sakura fell to the floor, and Dikura ran up to her.

"Oh my gosh!  I didn't mean to knock you down... you okay?" Dikura inquired.

Sakura grunted as she sat up. 

"Yes, but..." she ended questionably.  In a flash, vines entangled Dikura's legs and threw her to the floor.  "I hope you mind I didn't do that." 

The vines receeded and both the combatants got up.  Their eyes crossed, each with a determined look in her eyes.  Dikura used Aqua Shot while Sakura made a flurry of leaves with her Leaf Kunai, each of these moves targetting the opposing females.


Vyazar thought it odd the two seemed to be friendly before they both sent out different attacks.

the odd leaf-thing crashed through the bubbles rather easily I thought and the one who'd had a staff before got cut into her arm.


this is the battle thread. not the RP thread.


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Dikura used her Elven Feats to easily maneuver her body to dodge the rest of the incoming leaves.  She then gather water streams with both hands and was about to hurl the magic at Sakura.  A loud shriek, however, halted the battle, as both contestants froze under the sudden noise.

"Wonder what that was..." Dikura inquired.

"Sounds like a feminine voice, one that is aged I would say," Sakura replied.

Dikura took the water and instead, used it to heal her arm.  She then announced, "Let's go check it out.  We'll continue this spar later."



urr Dikura got hit by the leaves.

and if your ending the battle now, gather up whats happened and rewrite it as it Actually happened in the main rp


:::::::::::Alirght sex monkeys, it's time for me to take this fight to the next level!:::::::::::

Kirema vs Captain

Kirema readied his Lansword and stood in a casual stance, waiting for the captain to make his move. The captain ran towards him in a very linear fashion with his sword raised, almost as if his mind was clouded by anger. Kirema deflected the sword and punched the captain in the stomache, sending him backwards along the ground. Kirema got out a wind disk and sent it flying only to see it graze his ear. The captain got up and readied his sword with a furrowed expression. Kirema was thrown off guard bu quickly caught himself again and began to circle the captain.

"You're quite weak you know, and you can't afford to get angry. You aren't one of those types whose aner fuels, but one whose anger clouds."

"Shut up!", the captain screamed and charged, stabbing at Kirema with his blade.

Kirema sweeped underneath the captains blade, kicked out his feet and spun quickly with his sword, splattering the captain around the forest like beef stew. Kirema picked up his sword, tossed it aside and turned back to the limp body of the Faeleen...

Winner: Kirema


that prolly shoulda been in the RP thread. the battle thread is for players vs players.

and Aqui wanted me to judge her two characters fighting, for some reason.