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Started by Dark Gaia, December 17, 2008, 01:25:56 am

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Dark Gaia

December 17, 2008, 01:25:56 am Last Edit: December 17, 2008, 03:35:06 am by Blizzard
Important! This game is stand alone. It does not require the RPG Maker VX RTP to be installed. Newest Version: Demo 2.0

Hi all! It's me, Dark Gaia. Some of you might recall my previous game, Tales Of Worlds, which was made using RPG Maker 2003. Well, now I'm back, and I'm revealing the first ever demo of my newest, best project ever, the first in a trilogy of VX games, Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords. I have spent over two years working on this project, beggining it even before I had started Tales Of Worlds, starting it in RM2k3 and updating it into VX. I have spent hours planning the storyline, character development, and gameplay concepts, and I have spent months crafting the maps and events into an unparreleled level of detail. So, read up on the biggest VX to hit RRR yet (at least I think so), and experience the journey of Legionwood in the first playable version. Please comment if you read.

Legionwood features a map that came 2nd in the 4th RRR Map Contest. http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/index....showtopic=23842

Legionwood is a new RPG Maker VX project from the creator of the RPG Maker 2003 epic Tales Of Worlds. Legionwood is the product of over two year's extensive planning, writing, testing and development. It is the first ever high tier project for the RPG Maker VX system and it is truly a journey you must experience to believe.
Legionwood has been released on seven different gaming sites across the internet to rave reviews and a wonderful reception, and now you too can experience the game that truly defines the definition of the word "epic". Legionwood features an emotional, personally involving storyline, a fantastic custom soundtrack, and some of the best graphics yet seen in an RPG Maker VX game, which all combine together to create a game world vibrant with life, trials, challenges, and adventures.

Come and experience Legionwood today, and set out on a journey that will remain with you long after it's conclusion.

Legionwood. A bustling, seemingly peaceful world, filled with trade routes, treaties, and royal feasts. But it was not always so. Unfortunately, like all worlds that harbor human life, Legionwood has it's own history of violence and war. Civilizations have grown, fought and died throughout Legionwood's history, and the many ruins and necropolises that dot the fields and forests serve as sad reminders of the blazing conflicts that once raged throughout the lands.
But for now, partly because of the fear of what weapons it's rival nations may wield, each empire tries to promote sanctity, and a makeshift peace reigns supreme. It has now been centuries since the last bitter war came to it's violent end.
Treaties have been signed, and trade routes have been established, in some effort to retain a state of world peace, but depsite this, each wary king and emperor readies his forces for an attack from his former enemies that may never come. Although some form of peace is existant now, hysteria grows, and each government becomes more fearful, and it is only a matter of time before a spark turns this stale cold war into something worse, and conflict comes to Legionwood again.
And just like ages past, greed is about to resurface, and cause the greatest war Legionwood has yet seen. An unimaginable hunger for power, left unslated for millenia, an ancient pact, a being of terrible evil... All are about to come together again to try and bring unmeasurable chaos to the world.
But, there are always those who will stand against the evil. Humanity's good will managed to avert anilhilation last time, but can they come together and do it once again?
Life is a very fickle thing. And sometimes, those who create and control it are the ones who cannot remain at peace. Therefore, how can those subjects these gods control be expected to be without their own conflict? A dark age looms...

It begins as a normal day, but very abominable things are being discussed, and fear is being plotted. An assassin meets with his master, and an ancient secret society discusses armageddon with their master, an entity sealed away for millenia from civilization. They plot their combined efforts coming together in a plan of pure evil, to reignite an ancient enmity that has existed since the very dawn of time and the creation of the universe.
Meanwhile, celebrations are raging in the nation of Charn. The queen has just given birth to a new daughter, and in an effort to use the occasion to extend ties of peace with the nation's former rivals, the king has invited nobles from the empire of Trevelle to attend. There is an air of hate, and some enmity between the Charnians and their king's guests, but they are assured that all will be fine, and the occasion will be one of joy and peace.
Lann, and his younger sister Liara, both orphans, decide to attend the king's festival in order to bring some happiness into their otherwise mediocre lives, but then...
The crowd roars, and nobody notices a dark shadow accend into the overlooking tower. It all happens quickly. A twang of a bowstring, the sound of an arrow pounding into flesh, and then Charn is without a king, and Lann and Liara become the unwilling heroes in a rising conflict between god and evil that may decide the fate of Legionwood itself.


The unwilling hero in this epic drama, Lann previously only sought to live his life in happiness, and to provide a future for he and his sister after fate dealt a terrible blow in their lives. He was never one to care about royal or international affairs, but now he and Liara are the only ones aware of the true killer of the king, and in an effort to stop escalating conflict and to make sure fate does not harm his beloved sister again, Lann must set out on a journey of attrition and revenge.

The sad, yet adventurous sister of Lann, Liara was never one for sitting around doing nothing. She is one who likes to fight against life's horrors, and wants nothing more than to strike back against fate for the sadness it brought to her life. Now her chance has come. Evil is rising, and there is a chance fate may touch the lives of millions, and now Liara is one of the only ones who can prevent sadness and depression coming to the people of Legionwood.

Once highly respected, and famed as one of the emperor's knights in Trevelle, the nobleman Ark is now marked as a traitor by the only nation that ever wanted to know him, and is hunted down for a crime he did not commit. Ark is good hearted, and it is in his nature to fight for what is right, but now revenge has taken hold of him, and he wants nothing more than to hunt down and destroy the evil ones who have placed him in this situation. His fantastic sword skills, strange mind powers, and his nickname of "The Man From Another World" may help him.

The stubborn and hot headed Alexis was assigned as the squire to a reluctant Ark in effort by her superiors to make her more disciplined and more suited to Trevellian military life. At first, she despised having her whole life placed under the control of another, but after Ark saved her life in one fateful battle, she began to realize the importance of having friends, and having others to watch out for oneself. Now she respects Ark, and although she knows going against her emperor is wrong, Ark is her only friend and she will follow him to Hell itself.

The naive and kind natured princess of Solstiece, Thyrra has no concept or understanding of the horrors the war always brings when it begins to ravage people's lives. However, Thyrra is clever minded, and she knows that a great conflict is on it's way to her country, and cannot understand why her father sees no alternative but to surrender when the time comes. When Lann and his band come to seek help from her father, she realizes the true nature of Legionwood's crisis and secretly joins them so that she may save her homeland.

Zanthus is the wise old friend of the king of Solstiece, the chief of it's standing army, and the veteran of many wars. When Tyrra secretly leaves the kingdom, the king assigns the level headed and loyalty oriented Zanthus to bring her back to safety, though when Zanthus learns of the true nature of the coming conflict, he realizes Lann and his group are the only ones who can stop it, so he sympathizes with Thyrra, and instead of bringing her back, vows to eternally serve her and to protect her on her journey for peace.

Elwyn is a travelling mage whom nobody knows and whom shares no allegiance to any king. Despite being born in Hawkshire, Elwyn and his twin sister Laraline are free spirits, who seek nothing more than to go where they wish and do what they wish. Elwyn likes to keep to himself and would prefer to keep out of other's matters, but when Laraline joins Lann's group to preserve the future of her peaceloving lifestyle, he too comes along, for without her, he truly has nobody.

Another travelling mage and the twin brother of Elwyn, Laraline too is a free spirit who enjoys keeping to herself and enjoying life the way she pleases. Initially, she looks down upon the group of heroes, for they are living their life bound to purpose, and she despises that, but soon she realizes that they are fighting to ensure the happiness of people such as her who just want to live their lives in peace, and she decides to become, for the first time, someone's ally for a good cause.

Game Features:
1. An epic, emotionally stirring story involving love, hate, war, peace, enmity, redemption and betrayal set in a massive, vibrant world featuring over 20 hours of traditional RPG gameplay, plus side quests, adventures and trials at every turn.

2. An involving repetoire of quests which are more than simply going to a dungeon and defeating a monster. Quests in Legionwood require forethought, planning and lots of effort, spanning entire nations, continents or the whole world.

3. 9 unique and complex characters, each with their own story and striking personality, each one able to utilize over 60 awesome abilities, wield over 80 fiersome weapons, and each with their own repetoire of unique and unimaginable powerful Frenzy attacks.

4. Riveting, tense, turn based combat utilizing the popular Tankentai Side View battle system in which emphasis is placed on tactics. Every enemy has it's own attack pattern, weaknesses and strong points, and you'll need to think at the beggining of each round rather than just clicking the attack command again.

5. An epic custom soundtrack composed entirely of non game music, and written by fantastic artists such as Ocean's Dream and Dragndude9, including some never before heard pieces by Dark Gaia exclusive to this game!

6. Fantastic mapping and graphical prowess utilizing both the VX RTP and some fantastic custom graphics by Mack and DM Dotto combined together to create a world that is visually striking and amazingly vibrant.

7. A huge array of 48 custom RGGS2 scripts, by renowned scripters such as KGC and Woratana, with innovative custom features such as custom menu system, item systems, equipment systems, party changers, anti lag systems, map enhancers and more!

8. Amazing potential for character development. Rather than assigning each of the characters a class, in Legionwood, the characters can wield whatever equipment and learn whatever skills they want to, so that you can mould each one to suit your own intended fighting style. Also, this is combined with the fantastic open ended AP Assignment stat moulding system by KGC.

AP Assignment Character Improvement System
Press the A key while on this screen to access the system.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Now you can define each character's stats to truly make them the hero you want them to be!
Spoiler: ShowHide

While viewing a character's statistics in the character screen, you can press the A key to advance to the character advancement screen.
From here, you can access the AP assignment system, which is the main means of enhancing your characters in Legionwood. It allows you to spend attribute points (AP), gained upon levelling up, on additional stat boosts on top of your normal level up ones. You can choose which stats to raise, and which ones to excel in, allowing you to design the character to suit the fighting style you have in mind for them. You can create a tough warrior, a powerful sorcerer, or something else even more customized!

The attribute assignment system is utilized in this manor:

1.   The character levels up, and in addition to gaining stat boosts, receives a small amount of AP.
2.   You access the character advancement screen by pressing A while on the character screen.
3.   You choose which stats you want to raise, and spend the acquired AP on them.

As you purchase a certain stat boost more often, it's AP cost begins to increase, but so does it's effect (the amount given in the boost), so if you begin to favor certain stats over others, the game will accommodate that by making that stat boost much more effective.


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Fixed Version 2.0

Demo Version 2.0 (with RTP and font needed)

Demo Version 2.0 (with RTP and font needed) On RPG Maker.net
(If you use the RPG Maker.net link, be sure to choose the "LEGIONWOOD DEMO 2 (fixed)" download)

This is the playable demo of Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords containing the game installer, the font needed to play the game, and the run time package needed for the game to run. This demo showcases all the features, scripts, maps, fonts, dialogues, skills, enemies, and graphics that will be featured in the full game. However, this demo does not showcase all the features present in the full game, such as the AP Assignment System, so save files are not compatible with the full version. This demo contains between 1.5 and 2 hours of gameplay, depending on how good of a player you are. There is also an optional side dungeon in this demo, which, upon levelling up to face it and solving it, extends the gameplay to around 3 hours. The full game will have over 20 hours of gameplay and will explore the story further. This game needs the "FONTLERO" font installed to run. The font is included along with the game installer, with installation instructions. Enjoy! Make sure to comment and tell me what you think!

Special Thanks/Last Notes:
I would first of all like to thank Charas Project for the title screen, then an immense thank you to Captain Winky who made the 5 man menu which unfortunately, is being held off as a feature for Legionwood II. Also, thanks to Ark Reaver and Demonlord 5000 and Canuck, l33tpie and GuyInTraining for volunteering to be the game's first beta testers. Also, thanks to darkhalo as I took the FONTLERO font used in this game from darkhalo's The Wintermere Child. Finally, I'd like to thank both RRR and all the scripters who created the scripts I'm using for making this game possible.

Contact Me:
If you would like to talk about the game, ask a question, request a tip, share your own tips, submit comments or criticisms, either post them in this thread or email me a dark_gaia@live.com.au. You can also feel free to contact any of the members of Team Gaia if there's anything you want to want to know about your adventures in Legionwood. Finally, if you like Legionwood and want to support it, please put this userbar in your sig if you feel like it.


This sounds very interesting. How much playtime does the demo feature?
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Dark Gaia

Between two hours and three, depending on your playing skill and how thouroughly you explore the areas.


that's quite a nice Demo that is probably the most professional game demo I've played
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Screenshot 1: That panorama/paralax there looks wonderful.  It would be awesome if the entire game's maps were made of parallaxes.
Screenshot 5: The text there seems like a run on sentence.  There's also a grammatical error in there.
Screenshot 6: The light effect is a nice touch.  Me likes it.
Screenshot 7: I'm not sure why, but the main party's character sets seem to clash a bit with the tileset and the NPCs.  It's not really a big deal, it's just that something seems wrong with the saturation.
Screenshot 8: Those houses are seriously small. @_@ If their interior size is anything like screenshot 7, you REALLY need to size up the exteriors of the houses.
Screenshot 9: I believe I've seen this mistake done before. The walls of the houses you're using are actually supposed to be used for the interiors, not the exteriors.  Also, refer to screenshot 8.
Screenshot 10: I'm sorry, but VX sprites look very deranged when sized down by something like 50% or more.  If you stare at it for a moment you might see what I mean; there's no recognizable details on that blob.

  Anyway, a bit of my critique here was opinionated, but I hope it helps you out anyway.


This game looks beautiful!!

Great job...