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BEFORE asking for help...
« on: January 08, 2008, 04:51:54 AM »

If you do decide to post, please be specific. It's impossible to help a person saying: "I get an error, why?"
Answer these questions when you make a new topic or chance are, you will be asked a variant of those questions.

  • 1. What RPG Maker you are using?
  • 2. What exactly is the problem you are encountering?
  • 3. In which environment does the problem occur?

  • 1: Different versions behave different. You can get a solution which doesn't work with your version. This is a pity and a waste of time. Remember this!!!

  • 2: If you just say you have a problem it's hard to solve, because it can be one of a gazillion things.
    If you get an error message. Post exactly what it says.
    If it's an invisible error, like an event not behaving like it should. Post with which event the problem is and follow 3.

  • 3: By this I mean, when does the problem occur?
    Is it when you start the game? Start a new game? Talk to that dog?
    It's pretty important to tell when exactly you get the problem if you get an error message.
    If it's an invisible error (see 2.):
    You must tell when you notice the event behave being different.
    You must also write the event commands of the specific event and any other event where the existence of interaction is evident.
    If you have any custom scripts installed, tell about them too.
    Some of the things I mentioned here you perhaps shouldn't do as the situation in which problems occurs vary a lot. This can also be the most difficult to answer.

  • A general rule: The more specific you are, the better the chance of a proper answer.

    Also if your problem was solved, please change the title of your topic and add before [RESOLVED], like e.g.:

    How to make an item call a common event?

    [RESOLVED]How to make an item call a common event?
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