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Started by Lost_Hope, January 19, 2008, 11:05:48 pm

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January 19, 2008, 11:05:48 pm Last Edit: January 19, 2008, 11:46:44 pm by seaniorsr
hey i was wondering if there was a script that alowed the player to change the main character's name?kinda like on ff X???


u mean make it so after a tme it changes his name? or the player can change it?


I want the player to be able to change the name.I know how I can change it but I need to know if you can make it to where the player can change it to a selective amount of names.

like I'll put the names in a group of choices and the player selects one then it becomes his/her name???


well you could do it using events like with the choices input have a max number of choices and you can do multiple pages of choices ask Susys more about it im terrible at explaining things lol  ;D

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if you want your player to be able to pick the name then u go into events tab #3 and then click:

Enter Hero Name.

it may be diffrent in rmxp i have the pke edition kuz i cant afford it.

if you want u to autoly change a player name by you not the player in an event then,
goto tab#3 and find

Change Hero Name.

it may be diffrent in rmxp i have the pke edition kuz i cant afford it.

then there ya go :) hope i could help.


nvm i did something else...thx though...


oh.. okay... well its there f it helps!


it works the same in RMXP Susys and that way seniorsr you can still input the name of the actor that the player chose in the text I forgot the command but someone will remember


It IS the "Change hero name" option on the 3rd tab. You just need to be sure to use \n[ACTOR_ID] instead of real names in your text boxes.
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yea i was not sure if he wanted  his players to pick the name or he picks the name... :)