Calintz's Scripting Questions(Mainly Snippets)

Started by Calintz, February 19, 2009, 02:58:28 am

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Calintz's Scripting Questions Thread

**Let's Zoom to the Character**  :???:

To add simple aesthetics is the key to graphical success when making games. A very useful feature in any game is to be able to locate a specified object(character, tile, etc...) and zoom onto that specific object. Can somebody with scripting knowledge(probably requires a 'basic' level of scripting knowledge) help me learn how to perform this action??

**I think this will be done by acquiring the (x, y) coordinates of the character or object, and then zooming to that location.


**Let's Move the Gold Window**

I was trying to figure out how to move the gold window, and all of my attempts have failed miserably.. .. .. :|

**I am using the default command to show the gold window from a message on the map. How do I change the location for this??


**Let's Dispose of that Gold Menu** 

I was able to generate my own gold menu and placing it where I desired by using the "Call Script" command. However, the window does not disappear when I would like it to.

**What command can I used to dispose of that window from the "Call Script" command??
**Also, what command can I use to update the same window??


**Let's Move the Window Pause Icon Permanently**

Everybody who uses RMXP knows that when a message is being shown, in order to continue, you have to press a certain button, right!? Well, while the system is waiting for that button to be pressed the system lets you know that it is waiting on you by displaying that small window pause icon at the bottom of your message.

What I am looking to do is to indefinitely change the y position of that little pause icon, but I do not know what syntax controls the pause icon, and I could not find anything that led me to believe that it is located in the Window Message script. Anyone wanna help me find the area that controls this icon??

**Please don't tell me to edit the windowskin itself, because the windowskins attributes for the pause icon themselves, aren't large enough to re-locate the icon to display where I desire.

**Let's Make an Icon Blink** :???:

I was wondering if somebody could help me set up a small snippet that could be added into a script that uses icons for display. The meaning of the snippet is to make the icon blink.

**I know it involves changing the icons hue, but I don't know how to loop the effect and have it continue to blink until a certain condition is met.

**Let's Determine the Passability of a Specific Tile** :???:

It has become my top priority to figure out a way to determine whether or not a tile (on any given map) is passable...Here is the catch. I need this tile to be very specific. I need to know how to determine if a tile that is placed two tiles ahead of the main character is passable or not.


**Let's Check the System for the Current #of Party Members**

Is there a snippet I can use that can check the system for a set amount of party members?? Like, can I do something like this?? It would be called from the conditional branch, call script option.

Spoiler: ShowHide
$ == 1
- obviously not the proper syntax.
**Meaning if there is one member in your party.


When you say zoom, do you mean pan (i.e. scroll along a map until the person is centred on the screen)?


No, I mean ZOOM into. Like the picture zoom command in the event editor. This command allows you to zoom anywhere to any point on pictures.

Is it possible that zooming on the map isn't possible??


There was a script on Creationasylum that had a map zoom feature, too tired to get a link though...
So no, it isn't impossible.


Good deal...
I HAVE to figure out how to do it!!

I have yet to see a game that zoomed on the map though.


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I do no such thing Blizzard!!

That all depends on the level of detail in your graphics, and the distance of zoom.


Quote from: Calintz16438 on February 21, 2009, 05:24:48 am
I do no such thing Blizzard!!

That all depends on the level of detail in your graphics, and the distance of zoom.


Yeah, as soon as I posted it I realised it might be good for a world map or something. :D I must admit I can't help you but I'd be interested to see if someone can figure this out. :shifty:


Me too...

I really hate to spoil the surprise, but for the scenes I will be zooming, I am going to use charasets with dimensions around 75pixels by 75pixels, so we'll see what happens.


calintz get on msn and I can help you with the pic at the end of teh battle.


Dunno if this'll help, but you can always take a screenshot and zoom the sprite.
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I was thinking about that, but that doesn't allow for animation. I want to be able to have events playing while the zoom is in effect.


I would look at a Mode 7 script.  They have to have some sort of a zoom function in there...


Alright, That one here on CP (Cata). you think it would have one?


I was thinking about Mode 7 too. And it allows for animation as well.

... bububut the pixellation... ;;_;;


New question in the 1st post.
** Please help.


March 06, 2009, 02:02:56 am #17 Last Edit: March 06, 2009, 02:14:48 am by Jackolas
move the gold window?
in the menu?
if so, you use custom menu scripts?

if no custom script:
Spoiler: ShowHide

to change the size, change in Window_Gold around line 12:
  # * Object Initialization
  def initialize
    super(0, 0, 160, 64)            #change this
    self.contents = - 32, height - 32)

to change position, change in Scene_Menu around line 51
    # Make gold window
    @gold_window =
    @gold_window.x = 0           #Change these for x
    @gold_window.y = 416        #change for Y

hope it works.
if you use a custom script that i need to look into the script


Depending on which scene you wnat to change its co-ordinates for.

Do a Ctrl+Shift+F for this:
@gold_window =

And shortly following, the x and y co-rods should be specified. Change them there.

Hope it helped. Ask if you don't get it. ^-^


March 06, 2009, 02:27:37 am #19 Last Edit: March 06, 2009, 03:29:31 am by Calintz16438
Ah, my mistake...I should have clarified...
I am showing the gold window using the \g command in a message on the map.

How do I change the position where it appears??

**I was able to figure this out thanks to you guys.
**I simply removed the show gold command in the message, and created my own gold window with the "call script" command, and then I moved it where I wanted it.

Thank you guys. You are both powered up...

I have another question. I hope someone can help.