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Started by Tazero, March 06, 2009, 04:06:38 am

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March 06, 2009, 04:06:38 am Last Edit: March 06, 2009, 04:17:18 pm by MetaKnight
Hello everyone and welcome to my 'Music FX' tutorial. I'll be showing or ..... Typing how to get a good effect on your MIDIS in other words the file extension .mid ONLY.

To make your music nice these can really help alot!

To make a 'Pull-off' Effect

To make a pulloff effect you'll need 2 tracks and one must be panned just a little to the left
At the same time the one panned will be a bit lower in volume by at least 20
So to make a pull-off first you need to know which note your gonna use on the main track do that copy the instrument or run on the same channel.

After you've done that you can then make your effect
to make the effect you need to make the panned and lowered track have a little higher pitched note, thats your 'Pull-Off' Rock-on

To make a Hammer-on

First you'll need only 1 track this time i suggest using piano roll to do this, smaller note size more rolling of notes
And simply put your notes in a stair form or ramp

That's it

Programs compatible with tutorial.....==> Anvil Studios<==

If you were a fish...


Okay do you use a certain program of some sort? Because that didnt make any sense at all. Okay well it did but it didnt make any sense on how to actually do it. So if you use a certain program please say so it'd be more helpful. :)


Also, images would also help on the different parts to use...


if you want to make midi files, look into a program called 'tabit' or 'finale'

I've never used tabit but I've heard some good work from it
and finale uses the musical staff and such, so if you know how to read music you can write it.
both export midi and are pretty easy to use.

a hammer-on is just a slur, where the second note is accented by the hammer
a pull-off is just a slur, where there are no accents, or where the first note is accented.

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