Complex mission system (think armored core)

Started by Seox, March 16, 2009, 09:12:42 pm

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Hiya. my game is post modern military, and I want to make a complex mission system.

Anyone who's ever played armored core understands me (only I want to build on this idea). I want to talk to a commander, or etc, and it pull up a map of a region, then it lets you select with a cursor a region, which then brings up available missions. When you beat certain missions, more in that mission line will be offered, until you reach the end of that line.

However, this would be EXTREMELY complicated through events. but here's what I'm thinking will work:

make the commander event call a picture, and flip a switch, CURSOR ON. that makes a Parallel event in the room activate page two, which is a cursor, which is always on top. Then when the player moves, it really moves the cursor. When you pick an area, it opens up a conditional branch, checking for certain missions. *commence 15 million conditional branches*. Afterwards, it displays all missions available.

When you pick a mission, I figure it would set a VARIABLE, NOT a switch, since there are gonna be like, a billion missions, not just two. That way, I can go

Commander (Text):so you'll destroy the drug shipment. Ok
Set variable 1 (MISSION)- 13
*Walks to briefing room*
Conditional- if VAR1=1, then...
Conditional- if VAR=13, then
Intelguy (text): Ok, lemme brief you on destroying the drug shipment.

THat way I can store EVERYONE'S reaction to your taking that mission. Then when you beat it, switch ###, drug shipment mission = ON

This system SEEMS functional, but it'd be VERY complex, and VERY cluttered/unorganized. I figure that common events could clean it up, though.

Anyone have comments/improvements/suggestions/etc?

please and thank you ^_^
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