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Started by RoseSkye, April 23, 2009, 04:58:47 pm

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April 23, 2009, 04:58:47 pm Last Edit: April 23, 2009, 05:00:08 pm by RoseSkye
I'm the type of person that can't focus on one thing and continue creatively. As I write I must have more than one project at any given time or I'll feel a feeling of fear that I might actually finish it and I wont have anything to creatively relieve myself with.

So as I think I ponder the true "limit" of event systems in RMXP.. combined with existent scripts it seems limited however boundless. Though that is a tad redundant I gather that you can grasp what I mean by this. I wont actually tell you the event systems and how they work however I will give you an idea of how to achieve what you want.. and with this knowledge you're free to surpass the current information that was provided.

This is the healthy atmosphere of competition.

ABS Event Concepts

A skill that slows time.: ShowHide

How it can be realized:
Can be achieved by eventing a call switch event on the battle map that changes all stop animation/move events to 1/2 speed consecutively for a set amount of time.

What it can portray:
A world where the hero can dodge projectiles, and ruthlessly pummel enemy events

How it can be surpassed (Of course you cant truly surpass it unless you brainstorm a new concept and remix it):
By adding a skill that can only be activated when the time slow is in effect.

Teleport event: ShowHide

How it can be realized:
By creating a common event that turns the events opacity to 0 (whichever event calls it) and then its speed to 6. Afterwards you would set the "Ignore if cant be moved" tick. You can if you wish make the event move two tiles ahead and then turn visible again and the speed to normal.

What it can portray:
Even though the normal speed is in play it will portray a world where the event can move faster than the human eye. This can be used in play with something such as a close range skill or even the time slow event.

How it can be surpassed:
Up to you, dawg.

Regular Event Systems

Skip Cutscene event: ShowHide

How it can be used
Conditional event - if X is pressed fade to black teleport to new map or change switch.

What it can portray
A world without mashing C to get people to STFU.

How it can be surpassed
Right now I didn't even test it out.. I get ideas randomly and by theory I assume them to work. If they don't work then I tinker with it until it does work.

Realistic Wildlife: ShowHide

How it can be used
If you keep in mind that birds land every so often, and fly away if the hero approaches (lets say.. 3 tiles) near. It can be applied to common knowledge of nature.. in theory. You can also apply this to things like plants.. it might seem like its unimportant but plants do grow and die. Having any given plant grow and die during the duration of a game can dramatically improve perception of the game.. now it wont make your game look like a Picasso painting.. but it will put glitter on it. Just remember glitter on crap still smells bad.

What it can portray
A game with a dynamic atmosphere.

How it can be surpassed
I'll leave that up to you.

Growth of social relationships: ShowHide

How it can be used
As it stands it seems like the near majority of the available rmxp games are an aesthetic line. Point A to point B. Breaking the mode making it so that any menial event can dramatically change what happens at point B can change the aesthetic line into an aesthetic ray. Point A B can become A, B, C? now even though you're limited (by choice) into a 2d world, having a story with a 3D premise can change the perception of your game.

Little susy found a match. The hero is in the town for a day and left a match in the town after smoking a cigarette. Little susy burned down the town and killed everyone in it. At the same time later on in the game Paul would have helped the hero fight the antagonist and Mary would have provided support in some way. Now Mary without Paul is grief so she decides to overthrow the current antagonist and she is the new antagonist. This in turn causes the antagonist to be murdered and the oppressed public to be overjoyed. The public blindsighted about the new threat sees the hero as a threat to the serenity of their land. The hero becomes the new enemy and the roles are reversed.. all thanks to a little match that was carelessly left behind.

What it can portray
A two hour long game can easily become a six hour game and the repeatability of the game skyrockets.

How it can be surpassed
I'll leave it up to you.