My recoloring shop (semi-active)

Started by Holyrapid, May 20, 2009, 06:26:10 am

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Hias. Thougth to offer my services to you guys aswell. I am willing to take any re-coloring request (<is that how you spell it?) as long as it isn´t something superhard, like say, re-coloring specific parts of a tileset to a very specific color.
I.e: The RTP tileset for a camp. You want the trees and grass to exactly golden color.
So aslong as it isn´t something huge (read: near impossible) i can probaly do it. But i will not take many jobs at once.

As for the semi-active thing... It´s just to warn (< that how to spell it?) you that i´m not very active here. But, non the less, i´m willing to do re-colors at request.
Go to here. It´s a video that shows my recolorings. They´re pretty simple, done just by changing the hue and saturation.

I´m open and taking re-color requests.