[XP] RPG Maker XP Online System (RMX-OS)

Started by Blizzard, June 20, 2009, 11:52:23 am

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Nothing happens, no messages or errors, as if the file did not exist and yet has content.
Maybe the ruby version has something to do with it, I use 2.0.0p247, version 1.9x (x86) also the same problem: |


1. It's not built into the system. Possible with a lot of edits, but I know you don't script.

2. Pretty sure things regarding to player stats is handled all on client-side. You don't need to do any fancy script calls; the Change HP event command works fine as is.




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1. Just run a local server on your PC, separate from the online server.

2. Stuff is being synced. It's called EXCHANGE_VARIABLES or something like that. By default it doesn't sync actor data, but if you use Blizz-ABS and the plugin, it will actually sync these things as well.
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