Tales of Catalium: A Dying World

Started by FenrisHalo, June 25, 2009, 04:52:49 pm

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June 25, 2009, 04:52:49 pm Last Edit: June 27, 2009, 02:34:51 am by FenrisHalo
oh crap, now I gotta change the title picture too...

As mountains dwell in timeless sleep, as seasons come and go
As oceans roll across the deep, as forests slowly grow
An evil has been gathering, a dark age has begun
All life on earth shall rue this day, the time of man has come

With axe and pick that chop and chip, the land shall be stripped bare
With fire and steel, that burn and deal a death to all who care
With hate and greed, that fuel and feed the coming of the end
Into a fate consumed with hate our world will now descend

As mountains wake, roar and quake, as seasons loose their sway
As oceans rise to turn the tide, and forests die away
A giant is awakening, a cleansing will ensue
All life on earth shall rue this day; the debt of man is due

With rock and flame that smash and maim, life shall be erased
With flood and wave, that drowns and paves a path to deaths embrace
Mother earth begins again, but none remain to tell
That the balance is precarious, between paradise and hell  

Storyline: ShowHide

Catalium is a relatively peaceful world, with the only real problem being the bandits that have never been quite as active as now. The land has not seen war for some time now, and everyone seems to get on, the balance of power not being tipped in any direction.

Our main character is a girl in her fourteens who lives there, in a town called Vrail. She lives with her father, her mother having departed all too soon.

However, there can never be complete peace. There will always be rebels, or bandits. And when the bandits deal a crushing blow to the life of our main character, she is thrown into a tough world, one that is quickly and forever changing into something that no living being could ever have predicted.

And when times change, so do those that have always been close to you.
And the ones that were the hunters, become the hunted.

And Catalium is changing, more than ever, and there is nothing to do, except try to live through it, to try to survive in the world that was once peaceful.

This... is the APOCALYPSE!

Characters: ShowHide


A young girl, very practical, and also very new to the world. She has never learnt much about life outside
the three islands that is her home. Everything is new to her, and she will have a hard time getting used to the coming doom.


The father of our main character. He is an okay father, a bit stressed to have to take care of the house alone, whilst working, but he has a good heart, and is just as practical as his daughter.

Captain Maeril

Being a very young captain, he isn't very experienced, but he is serious, yet still kind-hearted, and knows that if something has to be done, it needs to be done, no matter the cost. That, however, is also where he fails. He hates sacrifices, and often stops when about to give the command. His youth and inexperience makes him an easy target for enemy captains and generals.

Features: ShowHide

A battle system that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Maps that will require a "Don't forget to breathe" sign.
A crafting system to improve all the stuff you'll find and buy during the game.
A Gem system, letting you further improve your already improved items.
Large dungeons giving you something more from the game.
New, original items, such as the Phoenix Feather, which deals damage, and then heals the user too!
Explore damp underground tunnels, run across vast plains with the wind in your hair, take use of

Screenshots: ShowHide

I'm using the MOG YUI menu system. The quit button leads to Yanfly's options system (I'll probably request a change in button-name, if not a complete graphical remake of the menu some time soon...)

One of the boss battles you can experience in the demo. Note that only boss battles are battles with more than one enemy. In the final version, the battle system will be "slightly" different. I actually had to delete a few scripts just to be able to get the battle to work for the screenshot...
The actual game battle system will have a battle background and far cooler layout. Don't you worry!

Credits!: ShowHide

FenrisHalo [Who'd you expect? Santa??]

Hot Toke

Enterbrain [Demo version only]

Modern Algebra
Code Geass

Note: Many have been credited for scripts only used in the actual game, and not the demo.

Special Thanks

Here it is!

The demo has been tested, to some extend. When you get to the cavern, that's where I've tested it to. Anything after that may or may not work.

The game feel changes throughout the game. As this is an early demo, don't expect too much darkness.

Also, if anyone feels like making a better title than the Gimp job up there, go ahead, I'll be requesting one soon anyway.

<a href="http://plunkit.webs.com/">I have to admit, this looks sweet xD</a>


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I'd bet my house that noone's gonna reply to thís thread.
<a href="http://plunkit.webs.com/">I have to admit, this looks sweet xD</a>


I guess you just lost your house
Looks like a nice game, but...ahhh Nevermind


Looks like an interesting and fun game.  I like the captain's personality.  I'd play the demo if I had time.  And don't worry about your game not getting attention.  There seems to be a lot of new games from a lot of new members, so just wait until people sift through them all.  :)


Lol for the #1, but what's with the #2? Boredom or does it suck? Okay, it does, and the demo's very limited, but I'm working on it... :roll:
<a href="http://plunkit.webs.com/">I have to admit, this looks sweet xD</a>


Planning on switching to a title screen that's actually 640 x 480 any time soon...?


Sry for the late reply

I guess I am, that up there was just a quick google so I had something else than the pictures of the characters... And I was going to use dafont.com's Nightmare font but I was too impatient I guess.

I guess I might as well tell you the picture was from a blog entry written by a person named Merry Swankster from his/her own website (merryswankster.com).
<a href="http://plunkit.webs.com/">I have to admit, this looks sweet xD</a>