[XP] Alternate Teleporting Events (Kinda like Metroid)

Started by Megamanx4884, July 31, 2009, 02:03:19 am

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July 31, 2009, 02:03:19 am Last Edit: July 31, 2009, 02:08:00 am by Megamanx4884
Alternate Teleporting Events
Version: 1.0
Type: Teleporting

I'm rather surprised nobody created an event like this. :P These events will teleport the character to a black screen and show a walking animation, kinda like when changing screens in metroid (but shows the character, not the door). Does NOT work well with Caterpillar script (unless with a few modifications) and Black Fade (in Blizz's Tons of Addons) for map changes.


  • Shows a pretty nifty animation when changing maps
  • Not recommended if you use Caterpillar or Blade Fade scripts. (At least for the maps you use it for)


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Version 1.0


This actually might've been easier to put in a script. >_> Oh well.
1. Create an event that'll teleport the hero to a complete blank map, make the map either horizontally long or vertically long. Also, get rid of the hero graphic. Right after you teleport the hero.
2. Teleport the hero to the bottom of the screen if you want to show the hero moving up, and vise versa. For moving left, teleport the hero all the way to the right of the blank map, same for the opposite.
3. Create an event that has the same graphics as the hero and turn moving animation on. Don't move the event however.
4. Scroll the map in the same direction the event is facing, using whatever speed you prefer and also use the "wait" command (so you don't teleport instantly).
5. Change the hero graphic back and teleport your hero to where you want.

...It's rather confusing, just download the demo.

Credits and Thanks

  • I dunno, Nintendo, maybe? o_o
  • And me. :3

Author's Notes

Don't be alarmed at the number of maps. I could've only used 4 extra maps. I just made more. :3

No credit necessary. ^_^ If there's an easier way to do this or somehow a way to improve it, then I'd be happy to take suggestions.

Why don't you people listen? D:


Wait... do you need one tele map /per/ actual play map? O.o

If you do...
using some variable help will make this easier.

If not...


Maybe. I only started using RPG XP for about a month. >_> I'll try and figure out how to use variables, though I'm kinda clueless.

Thanks for the compliment. :)

Why don't you people listen? D: