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Started by acebelowzero, August 27, 2009, 08:38:17 pm

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I if need a tilesets combined i will do it just up load the tileset's and there ill do ti a fast as possible. And if u need a tile set with cert en pictures upload the pics and i will make  them into a tileset!
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Fix your grammar & spelling... please @.@

With the way it is now, it sounded like you were requesting for tilesets...

And this is the wrong section for this.

Besides... people can use this...


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I belive what he is saying is that if you want tilesets combined he will do it. and that he will make a tileset if you send him a picture. Thats just my translation

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Ya that's right. Thank u  :)

EDIT: Ok thanks im moving out. i really dont want to have to do with anything. My little brother messed up everything.  :(

EDIT: And yes my brother is working on his crappy grammer

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