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Started by shdwlink1993, February 11, 2008, 04:19:12 am

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OK. This is a rather unusual request. I have not seen any script like this for RPG Maker XP and I don't even know if it's possible. I don't think there are any currently existing scripts like this one, and I have done some searching.

What I am referring to is the possibility of a SSB (Super Smash Bros)-style Battle System. For those few people who live under a rock and therefore do not know about it (in which case you have missed out on some very good games, if not the best out there), SSB is a side-scrolling fighter (like Tekken or Mortal Combat). I'll try to outline exactly what the script should do here:

Basic Fighting System: The game will have up to four main characters who fight (They get the percent counters/HP at the bottom) (Note: While SSB is well-known for it's multiplayer and not single player, I would be fine without it. I'm looking for the single-player), and a slew of enemies who get damage meters at the top if they are being fought at the time. Basically, Brawl's Story Mode.

Items: The game will have randomly-spawning items (They need to be definable depending on stage) that you pick up and use in place of standard attacks. This means that, instead of using a sword, you use that ray gun you just picked up.

Health: Most of the time, the system does not have your standard hp bar at the top that decreases until you get a KO. The idea is that you push the % (at the bottom of the screen) up, making them go off the screen easier so they KO. The exceptions being certain bosses (Master Hand) and almost all enemies (Not main characters health bars decrease and are shown at the top of the screen).

Stages: The game uses stages that, at least tend to be, flat in nature. There are exceptions. There are also platforms. Most of these can be jumped and ducked through (exception of large platforms). None of them will be too big.

The arrow keys are movement (since this is a sidescroller, up is jump and down is duck).
OK (X) is standard attack and Cancel (C) is special attack (This needs to change depending on the direction button being pressed and if you are in the air.)
Z (Z) will be a dodge move. This makes it so that the character puts up a shield (which may or may not all be the same. From this, pushing left or right makes them roll.
V (V) is a grab. Upon grabbing someone, most characters, except one or two, will be unable to move until throwing them by hitting left or right.

Appearance: Side-Scrolling 2D. I don't expect or want 3D.

Characters: There will be multiple playable characters (with different move-sets programmed in) that have large differences in actions. Weight will play a role in this, and the characters also will have different styles (for instance, one person may use swords, others guns. Some may have both).

Attack Types: There are four types of attacks.
Standard Attacks are all basically more or less the same. The character will usually use their fists or other such variant to hit. This may change with some who use swords.
Special Attacks, the unique ones, are done differently from character to character. Some may use fireballs, others may use some type of counter, and a few transform the character into someone else.
Item Attacks are when a character picks up an item and uses it. These are typically either throwing or swinging the item. Some of them affect various things, such as jumping, while held.
Final Smash attacks are caused by attacking a Final Smash item. This activates a special attack that acts very strange (usually), and ends up causing some weird effect and/or dealing a crap-load of damage. FS Items only appear rarely.

Menu System: The main menu will basically look like this:

New Game

New Game leads to the Character Selection Screen, which is a list of the main characters. This will choose who the main character(s) are at the start of the game. Also present is, once you select a character, difficulty levels that basically only change how hard enemies hit and how weak you hit. More in that direction if it's higher, and less is it's easier.

Continue. That's basically the same.

Vault is where the unlockable items are. During the game, you unlock several things, such as Trophies. This is also where the Challenges screen is (Which i'll direct you to http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/gamemode/various/various22.html there for, as I can't really describe it well at 1 in the morning.)

The pause menu is basically Blizz-ABS Pre-Menu, only used as the only menu.

If I have not been very clear on anything, or something like that, then please let me know and i'll edit this. I know that this is a very strange, large request, but I can't think of anything else.
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First off I think you would be better of with something like Game Maker for this or something else RMXP is mainly for well RPGS and second sorry but this is a major request only one on this forum I think could do it is Blizz and he doesn't have enough time really but anyway I've seen one of these around have a look here http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/?showtopic=3572
I don't know if he is letting the public use it or not but have a look

EDIT: Here's a convo I'm pretty sure it's out to public once he finishes the engine

"If you want to release it as an engine, then I'd love to add it to the site as an engine for RPG Maker XP, if you want. "

"but again i'll do it when it's more complete. The controls are yet to be streamlined, and there arn't many instructions on how to mod it yet."


Yeah, doing this in RPG Maker would be much more trouble than it's worth.

If you wanna make something like this, I'd suggest using another engine, like Game Maker or DarkBasic.

Or, if you're feeling adventurous, why not make your own engine all together?

The beauty about the SSB engine is that it's not an easy thing to duplicate.  You have to take into consideration tons of factors, ranging from the combat to environmental kills (Flying into the screen, far off distance kills, under stage, etc).  If you want an SSB engine, you should probably try making it under another engine/your own engine, especially because RPG Maker probably couldn't handle a true setup like this.

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