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Downloading Drectly From Mega Upload
« on: November 30, 2009, 06:40:59 PM »
Downloading Directly From Mega Upload

Step 1:
First get a link for Mega Upload. Ah here's one.
Code: [Select]
This is a game demo for Wolfenstein. Well I'd try it out but I hate the wait time on it. So lets make it a direct link.

Step 2:
Well you may have seen my other tutorial on doing this but I found a much much easier way. If you're interested go ahead and read my old one. Old Tut
But here's the new method. So take your link which is here.
Code: [Select] add this piece of code after the /
Code: [Select]
mgr_dl.phpSo now the link should look like this
Code: [Select] it, it will automatically get the file for you.

Well I think credits should be given to my friend. He had a premium member ship from Mega Upload. He let me use it and I started messing with links and realized you could download things without waiting.

I just simply found a loophole in there site or well whatever you want to call it.

Side Note
If you don't feel like typing in that small code in your link, no worries a program is in development where you simple paste your code and it generates the link for you.

EDIT: Some times it may not work. I'm trying to find a way so it always works.
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