some storylines and character ideas and stuff

Started by phillip1756, January 16, 2010, 05:54:43 pm

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here is stuff i may use for games i make later on,you can comment on them if you want.

1.You Beign the game as a new recruit to the galactic navy.You have just completed your training at the Federation's main training facility, when all of a sudden the base comes under a surprise attack from alien soldiers.You attempt to defend the base but it is overrun and there are too many aliens,You Flee in order to survive.Desperate for answers about the seemingly unprovoked atatck,you and a young female intelligence officer named Elvia Head to a combat trainer whilst killing weak alien troops along the way,eventually you arrive at the trainers home.You share your story with him after hearing your story,the combat trainer tells you that you are the chosen one mentioned in a very ancient prophecy,the one who will bring the galaxy peace or tear it apart.You are then told the atatck wasn't random but an attempt to kill you before you realised your destiny.after hearing this you are told to head out and find four items before they fall into the alien leaders hands.Once you have them,return to the combat trainer's home and he will lock them in a high security vault.You are then introduced to a bounty hunter who has his own (not yet known) reasons to stop the aliens.You gear up and board a starship ready to start your adventure.You land in a treacherous dessert inhabited by cacti like beings who will attack you every so often,eventually you will battle a huge sand worm,this is your first boss.You then head into the local settlement and visit the you enter you encounter some aliens that were looking for you after fighting them and finding out where to head next,you return to your ship and fly off to the water planet,here you encounter aliens that hide in the water until they find the right moment to attack.Eventually you reach a living facility where you are attacked by a giant eel like mosnter and a hositle alien troop.When the fight is over you find a beacon on the monster which you use to track the alien leader,you journey to a world known only as 'The Labryinth'.You encounter laods of undead humans in here before encountering a alien-bull hybrid known as the Minotaur,it is weilding and energy sword and proves a hard fight.After beating it the alien leader returns and after a brief conversation,he shoots you and then escapes in an escape pod.You then travel to the moon of Ceres to find a stone which will heal your wound before you bleed to death,once you heal you decide to return to the combat trainer's home,when you arrive alien soldiers attack,kill the combat trainer and take the intelligence officer hostage,you follow their ship and end up on a huge space station where you encounter the alien leader,you kill some alien soldiers before fighting the leader himself.As he dies he states "Hahaha,you fool i'm  just a small part of this,you gotaa see the bigger picture".Just before his life dissaperaas he used the 4 objects he stole to summon and ancient heaivly geared warrior,after and isane battle you finally defeat him,you have fufilled your destiny as a hero annd now the galaxy can once again be at peace.