Cybele Resource Database

Started by G_G, January 30, 2010, 11:07:54 am

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I know this post is really old and has no new posts for a while but I was wondering what it is exactly. Is it an updated RTP or extra tilesets/chipset etc... Also, how do I download it? Cant find any links.

Im trying to find a good RTP set that has lots of extra resources beyond the ones that come with rmxp.



It is a resource sharing program. I had to take the program down due to some hosting issues. Then recently decided to create the program again. You can read the development thread here.,9901.0.html

I was hoping to have it done by now but meh...its summer, I'm lazy, I'm a grade A asshole. It'll get done though.


Hey that sounds really cool. Good job. I read the dev post, looks really nice. Interfacing ith ARC would be a plus. Yeah its summer, I know what you mean. Its hard to code or do anything when the sun is shining...although however its raining here right now.

Ill keep my eye on this post and be one of the firsts to download when it comes out.

Keep up the good work.


FUCKING O! So, uh how are things coming along with this thing? I know being a bit of a necromancer here, but this is such a nice and useful idea etc. that i just gotta revive it...
Also, how come nobody has posted in this topic for over a year about ANYTHING?


I downloaded this a while back and it was working, but honestly I have no clue how long "a while back" actually is.